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Marking of clothing in your own design

Lost clothing? Clothes labeling is the solution - see the best selection of labels for clothes below! We recommend our name labels for marking of childrens and the elderly's clothing in the nursing home.

Many creative souls use our woven name labels in their creations, so it gets an extra touch of personality.

Can you not find what you are looking for, please contact us so that we can find a solution.


  •      Can be used on ALL clothes
  •      Ironed on in 10 secs.
  •      Best on the market
Price: From £ 6.40
(5/5 - based on 2 reviews)
  •      Make your clothing unique
  •      10, 14 or 25 mm. wide
  •      STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®
Price: From £ 14.90
(5/5 - based on 13 reviews)
  •      Easy to use
  •      Quick marking solution
  •      With fixed or replaceable plate
Price: From £ 35.00
(5/5 - based on 72 reviews)
  •      Fast and simple
  •      Very cheap solution
  •      Same day shipping
Price: From £ 4.50
  •      From only 100 pcs.
  •      Quality product
  •      Oeko Tex 100 standard
Price: From £ 135.00
(5/5 - based on 5 reviews)
  •      Nylon or soft satin
  •      Quick delivery
  •      Cheap
Price: From £ 15.50
  •      Organic cotton
  •      With baby's name, weight etc.
  •      Personal and unique gift
Price: From £ 78.00
  •      Quick delivery and cheap
  •      Various excellent qualities
  •      Adds a personal touch
Price: From £ 269.00
  •      Various packages
  •      Awesome designs
  •      Save money
Price: From £ 21.90
  •      Stickers or iron ons
  •      Write on them with a pen
  •      Suitable for washing at 40 and 60..
Price: From £ 11.00
  •      10 mm x 15mm
  •      Many colour combinations
  •      Nice detail
Price: From £ 21.40
  •      Own logo/design
  •      Up to 8 colours
  •      High level of detail
Price: From £ 111.76
  •      From only 500 pcs.
  •      Various thicknesses & colours
  •      Debossed in your shape
Price: From £ 200.00
  •      Top quality product
  •      Fast delivery
  •      For military uniforms etc.
Price: From £ 26.60
  •      Put on your clothes and things
  •      Tolerate washing machine 60°
  •      Approved for close contact with skin
Price: From £ 15.70
  •      Personalize your needlework
  •      Unique labels for knitting
  •      Made by labels and country flags
Price: From £ 0.95
  •      Individual designs
  •      Lovely quality
  •      Cheap
Price: From £ 27.30
  •      An affordable way to cover a hole
  •      Beautiful decoration
  •      Easy to apply with an iron
Price: From £ 1.00

  •      Printed, debossed or raised logo
  •      Possible to make as stickers
  •      High standard of details
Price: From £ 410.00
  •      Own design/logo
  •      Printed, debossed or raised logo
  •      Silicone or rubber
Price: From £ 420.00

  •      Own logo and design
  •      Can be printed and engraved.
  •      High standards and quality
Price: From £ 295.00
  •      Nice quality
  •      Damask woven
  •      Midfolded
Price: From £ 99.00
  •      With your logo
  •      Cheap
  •      Fast delivery
Price: From £ 56.40
  •      Personal detail
  •      Spectator knows who to cheer on
  •      Very easy to iron on
Price: From £ 22.65
  •      Affordable solution
  •      Small amounts
  •      Perfect for smaller businesses
Price: From £ 13.10
  •      Your design
  •      From only 100 pieces
  •      Endfolded
Price: From £ 76.00
  •      Professional results
  •      Put a logo on your workwear
  •      Iron-on labels with your own graphics
Price: From £ 3.00
  •      GOTS-certified
  •      Made with your own design
  •      Organic cotton
Price: From £ 173,31
  •      Hang tags with a sustainable look
  •      FSC-approved recycled cardboard
  •      For the sustainable brand
Price: £ 300.00
  •      Heatcut 60 x 15mm.
  •      Damask woven
  •      Custom-made
Price: From £ 99.00
  •      Easy to sew on
  •      Lovely finish
  •      Faux suede
Price: From £ 89.00
  •      Cotton
  •      Beautiful print
  •      Your design
Price: From £ 180.00
  •      Exclusive decoration
  •      According to task
  •      With your print
Price: From £ 380.00
  •      From only 25 pcs.
  •      Both black and white in stock
  •      Nice detail
Price: From £ 4.90
  •      Choose from many colours
  •      Printed with your text and company..
  •      Exclusive ribbon for packaging
Price: From £ 269.00
  •      Many colours
  •      Satin ribbon or grosgrain ribbon
  •      Printed to your specifications
Price: From £ 269.00


Labels and tags for professional and private use

Did you know that for just £4.95 you can get your own name in 20 pieces of clothing? We produce clothing labels and tags for clothes to parents, children, institutions, creative souls as well as large and small businesses. We have a wide selection, as there is not a single product, which is the optimal solution for every application.

For parents on marking up children's belongings
Keep track of your child’s clothing with name labels and tags, no matter how busy your lifestyle is. As the father of two boys, Ulrik from Ikast Etiket has occasionally experienced the age-old mystery of sweaters and jackets disappearing at school or nursery. This is a pity for the kids – especially if the sweater or jacket vanishes on a bitterly cold winter’s day - and it’s not much fun for the parents or school employees either.

When picking up your loveable but exhausted little angels, there’s a fine line between smiles and tears...

This inspired Ulrik to create the various types of labels and tags displayed on our website. We hope that plainly visible labels – made from high-quality, washable materials – will help make parents’ and teachers’ lives just a bit less hectic. The labels are useful not only when dropping off and picking up but also on excursions, trips to the playground, etc.

We know from experience that many schools and nurseries ask parents to write their children’s names on their shoes and clothes. Some parents forget regardless. Other times, names fade away in the washing machine or simply wear off from frequent use. All Ikast Etiket labels are amazingly durable and wear-resistant; just like the clothes themselves, they need to be built to last!


For marking of children's wear, We recommend our iron on labels and woven name labels, which both are very unique. Our iron-on labels are unique and easy to iron on. They do not scratch and last wash after wash. Woven name labels are very unique and beautiful woven - we recommend that you sew them on for long life.

For Businesses: Branding tags and labels
To brand yourself and stand out from the crowd has never been more important to the consumer than right now. We offer, in small and large quantities of custom made woven labels, hang tags, size labels, washing instructions/care labels, embroidered and woven badges.

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Name tags - good name tags for clothes - Buy now!
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