Golf labels with customised text
Golf labels with customised text

Golf labels with customised text

  • Super quality
  • Keep track of equipment
  • Personalised text
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Golf labels with text secure your equipment

Have you ever forgotten your sand iron in a bunker or misplaced your iron on the golf course? So here we have the solution to get it back to you....

Our golf labels with your own text are a great product, so you can protect your golf clubs by marking them.

These golf labels withstand wind and weather, and we make them with personalised text, so there is no doubt about who owns the equipment.
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  • All text is centred and with the largest possible font. The fewer characters and images you use, the bigger the text will be.
  • Please note that stickers with transparent background can only be made with black text - you can not upload your own image.
  • Write text with uppercase or lowercase letters.
  • These golf labels come in rolls. All other base colours come in sheets.
  • Measurements: 37 x 16 mm.

Self-adhesive golf labels with incredibly strong glue, made from vinyl, and with your personalised text to secure your golf clubs.

You spent a lot of money on your golf clubs, so it would be annoying to lose them!

Most people have forgotten their sand iron by a bunker or misplaced their iron on the golf course.

Here's your chance to put your personal self-adhesive labels on your golf set, so people know whom it belongs to.

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