Cheap plastic cards with RFID or NFC tags - buy them here
Cheap plastic cards with RFID or NFC tags - buy them here

Cheap plastic cards with RFID or NFC tags - buy them here

  • From only 100 pcs.
  • Can be delivered with your design
  • All chips
Delivery time: 7 - 21 working days
Delivery price: Cost of shipping by weight

Cards with RFID or NFC are polular in many companies, and are used in relations to access control or as a payment method in the cafeteria or bar.

You have countless posibilities to design a card and make it suitable for your needs, both regarding design and functionality. We can make the cards with your logo/design, photos, serialisation numbers - and we kan print on both sides.

We can deliver all chips on the market, but it is, however important that you can let us know which chip it is you need in your card.
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Item price (FM1108):
100 pcs.£ 1.35
500 pcs.£ 0.60
1000 pcs.£ 0.45
5000 pcs.£ 0.30

Set-up per printed side is 65 €

It is very important that you know which chip supports your system. Yoiu are always welcome to contact us for any questions you may have with regards to cards with RFID or NFC.


  • Be aware that you have to have a system that can code and read the cards in order for the cards you order work.
  • You have many possibilities to design your RFID cards to make them as suitable to your company as possible.
  • Our card are suitable to use as access control in fitness centers, as membership cards, key cards or as a payment card in cafeteria etc.
  • You can choose to print the employees photos, name, ID etc. on the cards as need arises.
  • Can also be made in ABS material (without PVC) or in recycled material (PET).

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