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Electronic access control and payment

Cards with RFID or NFC are popular in many companies, and are used in relations to access control or as a payment method in the cafeteria or bar.

You have countless posibilities to design a card and make it suitable for your needs, both regarding design and functionality. We can make the cards with your logo/design, photos, serialisation numbers - and we kan print on both sides.

We can deliver all chips on the market, but it is, however important that you can let us know which chip it is you need in your card.

Here you will find our other RFID solutions.
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Item price (FM1108) - 85x54mm:
100 pcs.£ 1.35
500 pcs.£ 0.60
1000 pcs.£ 0.45
5000 pcs.£ 0.30

Set-up per printed side is 65 £

It is very important that you know which chip supports your system. Yoiu are always welcome to contact us for any questions you may have with regards to cards with RFID or NFC.

Cards with RFID made to your specifications

When you as a company or association order cards with RFID from Label Yourself, we always make them based on your wishes and specifications. This means that you have ample opportunities to customise the cards with RFID to the specific situation in which you will be using them.

First and foremost, of course, we need to know what kind of chip you want in your cards. Generally speaking, we have most of the chips that are available on the market. The kind of chip you need to use will depend on the system that is used to read your new cards with RFID. We also need to know whether you want to add data to the card before it is delivered or if the cards should be ?blank? so that you can code them yourselves.

In addition, we need to know the size of your card with RFID. The standard dimensions are 85x54mm, but if you want cards with RFID in other sizes, that is no problem - just let us know.

You have plenty of opportunities for adding great prints to your cards with RFID. For example, take a look at the product image with the multi-coloured autumn leaves. Therefore, do not worry about adding a lot of colour when designing your new cards with RFID. If something turns out to be impossible to accomplish, we will always tell you before we start producing the cards.

If you would like cards without print or logos on them, we can provide that too. We know that some customers have the capacity to add print to their cards as the need arises. It may also be because you want just one side of the card to be blank so that you can print your own data on it, such as for example adding employee or membership numbers to it.

FAQ for plastic cards with RFID or NFC chips

What can cards with RFID be used for?

You can use cards with RFID in many different contexts At Label Yourself, we sell cards with RFID to many companies and events that need to use them in various situations.

Key cards/key fobs:
Exchange the old-fashioned keys with key cards. It is much easier to deactivate a keycard than it is to replace all of the locks if a key goes missing. Key cards can be made to resemble credit cards, key fobs or some other design. Key cards are used in many places, such as hotels, workplaces, gyms and so forth.

Business cards:
A business card does not have to be made out of cardboard. Use a card with RFID as your business card. When the business card is put next to a mobile phone with an NFC reader, the phone will automatically scan the contents of the card and send the receiver directly to a website with your CV.

Membership cards and loyalty cards:

Do your members have to register when they enter your gym? With an RFID membership card, it is easy to make sure that only members access the facilities. Many stores also have loyalty programmes where their customers can earn points. With an RFID or NFC card, it becomes easy to register the customers? visits and purchases.

Payment cards:
You are already familiar with these from your VISA or MasterCard. Using cards with RFID make it easy to shop in stores. However, it is not just traditional credit cards that your customers can use to pay with RFID technology. You can also use cards with RFID when your customers charge their cars and pay with their subscription.

How does a card with RFID work?

There is a microchip with an antenna inside the card with RFID. By itself, a card with NFID is not very useful, but combined with a scanner, reader, smartphone or computer, a card with RFID becomes very useful since it can carry data which the RFID reader can access.

For example, the data might give permission to unlock doors or be used as a form of payment. So even if a card with RFID in itself is not very pricy, it can contain information that makes it very valuable.

In a regular card with RFID, the chip has no energy source of its own. The scanner, on the other hand, sends out a radio signal via an antenna. The radio waves activate the RFID chip that is now charged with electromagnetic energy and can thus send data back to the scanner.

Some cards with RFID can only receive data, but other types of RFID chips can also continually write data to the tag, which is another word for an RFID chip.

How secure are cards with RFID?

Generally speaking, there is no reason to worry if you want to start using cards with RFID. The technology is thoroughly tested and is used every single day in payment cards, key cards and loads of other applications around the world. Some people think that criminals can steal data by walking past a person carrying a card with RFID, but in reality, the risk of having the physical card stolen is much higher than the risk of data theft from some criminal passing by with a scanner.

The advantage of using cards with RFID is that they can be quickly blocked if they are lost or stolen.

Why should you use a card with RFID?

Cards with RFID are used in many different contexts, and there can be many good reasons for using them. Below we will present three good reasons for using cards with RFID which apply to almost any situation.

Free up resources among your employees:
In many places that introduce cards with RFID, resources are freed up among the employees. Cards with RFID make it easy for guests to register their own arrival (and departure). When your employees have more time, they can use their energy on providing better services to the guests that need personal attention.

Better finances and more control:
When making access control electronic, you reduce the risk of human error. In addition, it becomes harder to break the rules since behaviour is registered. At the same time, you can also collect data about the behaviour of your customers or offer good deals based on customer activity or amount of visits.

It results in customers having a good experience:
When using cards with RFID, many customers find that they no longer have to stand in line and wait for an available employee. When the customers are able to scan their own cards with RFID, it becomes easy to get in and out. At the same time, the employees are able to offer better customer service which the customers benefit from. In addition, it becomes easy to compile statistical information about when the peak hours are in, for example, the gym and make special offers to customers who can go to the gym outside of these peak hours.



  • Be aware that you have to have a system that can code and read the cards in order for the cards you order work.
  • You have many possibilities to design your RFID cards to make them as suitable to your company as possible.
  • Our card are suitable to use as access control in fitness centers, as membership cards, key cards or as a payment card in cafeteria etc.
  • You can choose to print the employees photos, name, ID etc. on the cards as need arises.
  • Can also be made in ABS material (without PVC) or in recycled material (PET).

Buy your chip cards from Label Yourself

When you decide to buy your chip cards from Label Yourself, we can offer you high-quality chip cards at competitive prices. We do not sell scanners and systems to read the cards, but our employees have for many years been delivering chips to all kinds of companies and events that use them on a daily basis. We therefore have lots of knowledge and extensive expertise that we can help with. If there is something that we do not know, we will always make sure to redirect you to our business partners so that you can get the answers you need. You can feel completely confident about the process when reaching out to our sales team to buy chip cards from Label Yourself.

Do you want a chip card, but prefer something in a quality that is different from the usual plastic cards? If so, we can produce the cards in ABS material (i.e. without PVC) or in PET. PET is a material made from recycled plastic bottles that are re-melted and can be used to produce new products such as plastic cards with chips. See the environmentally friendly PET chip cards.

If you would like to avoid using plastic entirely, we can also make your chip cards from different kinds of wood, such as bamboo, cedar or birch. View our wood chip cards.

Should it be exclusive or just different? We can also make metal cards. The metal cards can, of course, be equipped with a chip inside. It is possible to get various colors when choosing metal cards. Use the metal cards as membership cards and differentiate members with black, silver, and gold. We can create your metal cards with printing or laser engraving.

We sell chip cards with many different frequencies and types of chips as you can see above.

If you cannot find the kind of chip that you need for your chip cards, then please ask us about it even if it doesn?t seem to be in the list.

Besides chips in a credit card format, we also provide festival wristbands, keyrings and tags with both RFID and NFC chips/tags.

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