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Name labels - no ironing or sewing needed

  • Put on your clothes and things
  • Tolerate washing machine 60°
  • Approved for close contact with skin
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Name labels - save time labelling your clothes and items

Use Name labels, not only on clothing and textiles (put on care label), but also as an address sticker on your other belongings.

Name labels can be used for virtually anything and withstand both washing machine 60° and dishwasher. Name labels do not need to be sewed or ironed on - very easy to use.

Order them with a photo/portrait of your child, and make sure everyone can see clearly to whom the item belongs. Or you can choose between a wide variety of backgrounds and figures, to fit your childs age and preferences.

Our name labels are tested and compliant with Toy Safety Standard EN 71-3.

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How to use the Name labels

The Name labels are made from a soft and elastic material, meaning that you will not feel them on your clothes. When adding the clothing stickers to your clothing, it is done just like with a regular sticker. Remove a sticker from the sheet and attach the adhesive side to the clothes. It is important that you always put the Name label on a label or the washing instructions part of the clothing. If you put the label directly on the fabric, it will soon fall off as the fabric will quickly loosen. After 24 hours, you can wash the clothing as usual.

We recommend that clothing with name tags on them generally only be washed at 40 degrees or below.
However, if you put the Name label in the care labels, you can wash at 60°. If you want to put the clothes in the dryer, however, that is perfectly fine. Just please note that the name tags will wear out faster if they get put in the dryer a lot.

When to use Name labels?

When children start going to nursery, preschool or school, most parents will find that clothes often get lost. They get wet, dirty or maybe your child is just getting too warm over the course of the day. When children then remove the article of clothing, they seldom think much about putting it in the right place.

All of a sudden there is a big pile of clothes with no clear owners, and the adults there will not know what clothes belong to whom. However, if there is a name (and phone number) on the clothes, it becomes a lot easier for the adults that are looking after the children to find the right owners and ensure that the children come home with the correct clothes. It can end up being expensive if your child suddenly loses their winter jacket or beanie and you have to go buy replacements.

With your child?s name on the clothes, however, they will be much less likely to get lost. Older children quickly learn to recognise their own name label and it makes them feel more independent when they are able to keep track of their own things.

Can I use the Name label on something other than clothes?

Yes! The Name label works like a charm on a lot of other items as well. We have seen Name labels used on toys, lunchboxes, school backpacks, chargers, iPads, smartphones, footballs, ballet shoes and much more. If you label your lunchboxes and drink containers, then it is perfectly fine to put them into the dishwasher as usual.

How are Name labels different from other name tags?

Name labels are small stickers measuring 30x13 mm. The stickers have been specially developed to work well with clothes. Just like the other name tags that you might be familiar with. However, our Name labels are still slightly different. At Label Yourself, we prioritise high quality and unique designs. The name tags you buy from Label Yourself are the only ones in the UK approved by the toy safety standard EN 71-3. Specifically, this means that the labels have gone through a test by impartial third parties investigating whether the labels transfer any harmful substances. They do not. Neither when directly in contact with the skin or even if the child should start chewing on them.

When you buy your name tags from Label Yourself, you also have a lot of options when it comes to designing your own labels. We can print the Name labels in high-resolution colour so that you get personalised name tags - for example, you can upload your own image and use that. Other name tags in colour are made with UV printers, which may be harmful. We want our name tags to be safe to both produce and use. Therefore, Label Yourself Name labels are printed with eco-solvent ink.

You can see our entire selection of Name labels here.

Name labels must be put on the care label of your clothes in order for them to withstand washing.

Name labels have been wash tested for 30 washes at 60º.

If you wash your clothes at high temperature, the durability of Name labels will be reduced significantly. We therefore recommend our Iron-on name labels if you need a long life label.

See all our name tags.

FAQ for name labels

What are name labels?

Name labels are small adhesive labels with a name on them that you can put on the things you own. Name labels are in particular used by families with children and added to their clothes. Name labels can also be put on toys, bicycles, helmets, lunchboxes and much more.

When a piece of clothing or another item has a name on it, it is much easier for teachers and parents to know what belongs to which child. Name labels are also used by adults who want to take extra good care of their things. There are different kinds of name labels that you can see here on this page.

How do you put name labels on clothes?

If you want to put name labels on clothes, there are a few things that you should always remember to do in order to get a good and long-lasting result.

Always attach the name label to a label. This could be the label in the neck, waistband or the laundry instructions. If you attach the name label to another label, it will last MUCH LONGER and you will prevent it from falling off.

Always wait at least 24 hours before washing clothes with a new name label on them. A little tip is to wash new clothes and add the name label to them when you are folding them.

How do you remove name labels from clothes?

It is not hard to remove the adhesive name labels from clothes. If you have used our adhesive name labels, you can just loosen up the name label with your fingers and pull it off carefully. The longer the name label has been on the piece of clothing, the greater the risk of the name label leaving behind glue residue. If you wash it a few times in the washing machine, however, the glue residue will disappear.

How do you use name labels?

If you select the most popular kind of name label, you will be using the name labels just like you would use stickers.

Remove the name label from the sheet. Loosen it carefully with a nail and make sure that the name label does not stick too much to your fingers.

Name labels on clothes
If you are going to use the name label on a piece of clothing, you should always attach it to a label, the laundry instructions or somewhere else where the fabric cannot be stretched.

When the label has been attached to the piece of clothing for at least 24 hours, then you can wash it like you normally would. Please note that if you wash at temperatures higher than 40 degrees Celsius and repeatedly machine dry the clothes the label will suffer wear and tear faster than if you washed it at low temperatures and air dried it.

What can you use name labels for?

You can use name labels for (almost) anything. What we here at Label Yourself call The Name Label™ is a small sticker. The name label is particularly well-suited for clothes, as it can be washed in a washing machine. In addition, the label can also be put in the dishwasher, and this is why many people also use these smart name labels on lunch boxes and drinking bottles.

You can use name labels on anything that you want to put your name on.

Besides the adhesive name labels, Label Yourself also has other kinds of name labels. For example, take a look at our iron-on name labels, sticker packages, woven names or use a textile pen to write your name on clothes.



  • 13 x 30 mm with round corners
  • Complies with toy safety standard EN 71-3.
  • Clothing stickers wash tested for 30 washes at 60º
  • To prevent the name labels to get too stiff, they are not laminated. Therefore, the printing could wear off in time if you choose to put stickins in the bottom of the shoe or boot. For that purpose, we recommend you to use our stickers that are laminated. See them here:
  • Watch our video, How to get bigger text

Put a picture on the name label

By adding a picture to your name label, it will become even easier for your child to recognise his/her own clothes and the other items that you add the name label to. It also becomes easier for teachers, etc. and other children to recognise the child's things. It is not always easy to remember who is who when there are three other children called Adam or Anna - or if you are a child who has not yet learned how to read. A lot of children also enjoy having their own picture on the name labels.

In order to get the maximum benefit from adding a picture to the name label, you should consider the following:

-Make sure to choose a bright picture. A bright picture has the clearest image once we print the name label.

-Crop the picture as closely as possible. The best name labels are the ones where only the face is visible. Remember that the stickers are not that large, so if you choose a picture showing the entire body, it becomes harder to see the face clearly and identify the child.

-You can also upload a picture of your child?s pet. This might not help strangers recognise your child?s things, but it is sure to be easily recognised by your child and make them happy to see it.

Why is it a good idea to add a phone number to the name label?
The vast majority of our customers add both a name and phone numbers to the name label. This is because if you should happen to forget a jacket in the shopping centre, playground or at the library, it makes it much easier for whoever finds the jacket to send you a text message or to call you and tell you where the jacket is.

Some parents want two different phone numbers on the name label, but please remember that the sticker is only 30x13 mmm, so the more information you add, the smaller the text size will be. You should therefore think about whether you really need two phone numbers on it.

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