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Name labels for clothes

With name labels, you can eliminate the risk of losing and mixing up clothes and belongings. Label Yourself offers the very best name label solutions in the market, so you can find exactly the type of name label that suits your needs. 

Our name labels and iron-on name labels are our most popular name labels and are used by families with children, nursing homes, institutions and companies which need to label clothes and belongings.  Our woven name labels are most popular for the DIY market with homemade creations.

  •      Put on your clothes and things
  •      Tolerate washing machine 60°
  •      Approved for close contact with skin
Price: From £ 15.70
  •      Can be used on ALL clothes
  •      Ironed on in 10 secs.
  •      Best on the market
Price: From £ 6.40
(5/5 - based on 2 reviews)
  •      Make your clothing unique
  •      10, 14 or 25 mm. wide
  •      STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®
Price: From £ 14.90
(5/5 - based on 13 reviews)
  •      Various packages
  •      Awesome designs
  •      Save money
Price: From £ 21.90
  •      Personal detail
  •      Spectator knows who to cheer on
  •      Very easy to iron on
Price: From £ 22.65
  •      Fast and simple
  •      Very cheap solution
  •      Same day shipping
Price: From £ 4.50
  •      Stickers or iron ons
  •      Write on them with a pen
  •      Suitable for washing at 40 and 60 degrees
Price: From £ 11.00
  •      Easy to use
  •      Quick marking solution
  •      With fixed or replaceable plate
Price: From £ 35.00
(5/5 - based on 72 reviews)
  •      Affordable solution
  •      Small amounts
  •      Perfect for smaller businesses
Price: From £ 13.10
  •      Top quality product
  •      Fast delivery
  •      For military uniforms etc.
Price: From £ 26.60
  •      With your logo
  •      Cheap
  •      Fast delivery
Price: From £ 56.40
  •      Iron-on name labels with own logo
  •      Optional size
  •      Upload your logo online
Price: From £ 6.40

Which name labels should I choose?

Read here if you are not sure what types of name labels you should choose and have a quick overview of all our types of name labels here. If you are not sure which name label solution to choose to have name in the clothes, please do not hesitate to contact us. Just send us an e-mail on or call us on 020 3455 8270. 

Clothing sticker

The Clothing sticker is an absolute bestseller in our range of name labels for clothes. We understand why. With the Clothing stickers, it only takes a few seconds to add name to clothes and belongings, and the stickers can easily be used on lunch boxes, toys and in shoes. As the only name label in Denmark, the Clothing sticker is tested according to Toy Safety Standard EN 71-3. This means that the stickers do not release harmful substances if small children suck on them or put them in their mouths. You design your own Clothing stickers. We always recommend that you put the Clothing sticker on care labels or other labels in the clothes to achieve the best durability. After 24 hours, you can wash the clothes. These name labels are easy to remove again. 

Iron-on labels

Do you need name labels that are suitable for repeated hot washing? Then you should choose our white iron-on labels with black text. If you choose iron-on labels with colours, we recommend that you wash the clothes at no more than 60 degrees. But remember that most clothes should not be washed at high temperatures. The iron-on labels are very durable, so please note that they have to be steamed off if you no longer want the name label in the clothes. The white iron-on labels with black text come in rolls, whereas coloured iron-on labels come in sheets.

Woven name labels

Woven name labels are our most exclusive name labels which are often used on knitwear or in places where you want a visible name. The woven name labels come with and without an iron-on backside. The name labels are also often used as "Made by labels" on creative creations where they add a stylish and exclusive look to a hand-knit sweater.

Name stamps

The name stamp is a great solution if you need to add name to many items. However, please note that you cannot use the stamp on black textiles, but often, the clothes will have a white label on which you can use the stamp. The name stamp comes in two versions: Name stamp with a replaceable plate or fixed text. On the name stamp with replaceable printing plate, you can change the text according to your needs, whereas for the fixed printing plate version, you order your text and then it cannot subsequently be changed.  

Fabric pens

A fabric pen is an easy and cheap solution when it comes to marking clothes. Like the stamp, you cannot use the fabric pen on black textiles. Please also note that the text will most likely be washed off over time. Check whether the text from the fabric pen can be seen on the outside of the clothes if the clothes are of a very thin/light quality. 

Print on workwear

Name labels on workwear makes it easy for the employees to tell workwear apart. If you add the company name, the clothes will also serve as branding of your company. In several places, print on workwear is a requirement in order for the customers to be able to see who the employee is. 

Labelyourself tags 

Do you need name labels with many different names? Or do you need a solution right now? Labelyourself tags are flexible name labels which can be used whenever you need them. You can write directly on your tags with a pen. Labelyourself tags are suitable for washing up to 60 degrees and tumble drying. You decide whether you want to sew the tags onto the clothes or iron them on.

Name tapes with Velcro

If you need name labels on the uniform, workwear, etc., then choose our name tapes with Velcro that can easily be attached to the clothes. The woven name tapes with Velcro fit perfectly on the shirts and uniforms used by the police, military and security companies. The Velcro name tapes come in many different colour combinations, so you can have name tapes that fit perfectly on the clothes. The text is woven into the name tape so it does not wear off. The Velcro name tapes can also be made with your company logo. 

Sticker packages

Do you need name labels for many different items? With our sticker packages, you get both clothing stickers and stickers in several different shapes/sizes that fit perfectly on e.g. lunch boxes and crayons. We offer two different packages: Nursery package and School package. At the same time, you save money, and who doesn't like that? 

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