Small vinyl stickers with your text
Small vinyl stickers with your text

Small vinyl stickers with your text

  • 35 x 6 mm
  • Optional text and colour
  • Great durability
Delivery time: 3 - 7 working days
Delivery price: FREE delivery over £50

Use our small vinyl stickers on e.g. your lunchbox...

If you want a small but durable sticker for identification of your and your children's belongings, then our small vinyl stickers are a great solution.

They are of very good quality and can be used anywhere, both indoors and outdoors.

If you want small, discreet stickers, then our small vinyl stickers are the right choice
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  • Dishwasher safe
  • Please note that stickers with transparent background can only be made with black text - you can not upload your own image.
  • Withstand oil, grease, petrol, frost, wind and weather
  • Mark up e.g. books, lunch box, tools, CDs, golf equipment, lights, computer games, cameras, letters, boat accessories etc.
  • Rounded corners
  • The print is non-toxic and contains no solvents.
  • All text is centred.
  • Max. 1 line of 25 characters.

If you are looking for a long-lasting and discreet mark up solution, our small vinyl stickers are a unique product.

All our stickers are highly durable and withstand wind and weather, so they can be used inside or outside.

Our stickers are made of PP = polypropylene. They are long lasting and contain no toxic substances or solvents.

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