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All you need to mark your childrens clothings, toys and belongings

We have many years experience in labelling clothes, toys and other belongings. Therefore, we have put together two different combinations of packages, to make sure that you will have stickers for any situation, while saving money!

If you have any doubts about what you need, then order one of our children packages and be sure to have stickers for all their things and belongings. By ordering a package you will have stickers for clothes, toys, lunch boxes, electronic devices etc.

Our packages includes both clothing stickers and a collection of vinyl stickers that withstand outdoor use as well as the dishwasher.

Tested and approved by safety standards EN 71-3 for toys . PVC-free.

Here you will find our full range of name tags.

Choose between a Nursery Package and a School Package. The School Package has a wider variation of stickers that can be used for example for books and pencils.


  • Put the clothing stickers on the care label or neck label.
  • The clothing stickers are tested by an independent laboratory using BS EN ISO6330 wash test procedure for at least 30 washes at 40º.
  • Put the vinyl stickers on a smooth and clean surface. The vinyl stickers are waterproof and dishwasher-safe.
  • Choose between various colors and figures and design your own sticker.
  • Possible to uploade your own background or photo.

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