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Custom woven name labels with your logo

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Custom woven labels with logo

Woven name labels with logos are perfect for people who want to put their own logo on their creations. Whether you sew, knit or crochet as a hobby or sell your creations. Woven name labels with logos are available in amounts as small as only 100 pcs.

Design your woven name labels with logos here on this site. Choose between many different templates. With the templates, you choose how your woven name label is to be folded and how logo and/or text is to be placed on the band. Some templates allow you to choose laundry symbols, making it easy to see if and how the clothes can be washed.

We offer many beautiful text and background colours for you to choose between. Choose colours with high contrast if you want text and logo to appear very prominently.

If you do not have a logo, you may choose another template and write your own text or see our woven name labels.

Woven name labels with logos are made of soft oeko-Tex certified polyester.
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Woven name with logo
Woven name labels with logos are the finishing touch to your creations. You will get a beautiful result whether you put your labels on a hand-knitted jumper, a pair of trousers, or something completely different.

Do you need woven labels with several details, in a certain pantone colour? Do you want the option to customise the label to a higher extent? Then take a look at our woven labels.

Woven names with logos are also a tasteful way of putting name tags in your children's clothes, so left behind clothes find their way back home again.

STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® 1003008 centexbel.

When you use custom woven name labels on your creations, potential customers will see them. This way your custom woven name label will generate new customers - again a quick way to recoup your money.

Click here, to find inspiration for design, images and colours. These are combinations, which others have chosen.

Create your own individual custom woven name label. Not what you were looking for? See our selection of fabric labels.


  • The logo is centred
  • Delivered in tapes, which need to be cut before use
  • Custom woven name labels are made from 100% soft polyester.
  • Tested, and can withstand a 90º wash, also with iron-on reverse side.
  • The width of the tape is either 15, 25 or 40 mm, and the length depends on the design you choose.
  • For gold or silver we use lurex yarn, which makes the tape more rigid. We always deliver approx.10% more woven name labels, when choosing gold or silver, because there will be a few woven name labels with errors in the weave. So you are certain to receive the number of woven name labels you paid for, and maybe a few more.
  • On each side of the logo we weave an extra 15 mm for folding
  • No smudging
  • When you put woven name labels with logos in your creations, you are branding yourself at the same time. It will make it easier for your customers to find you again.
  • STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, a guarantee that the woven name labels do not contain any harmful substances
  • We also produce woven name labels with iron-on reverse side.
  • About 80% of the yarns are recycled polyester

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