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Keyfob with Logo

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Unique key fobs designed to your liking

With KeyFobs, you prevent the situation where a lost key means replacing all locks. If an employee or guest loses a KeyFob, you can easily and conveniently deactivate the key chip, rendering it useless. Additionally, you have the option to program the chip so that the KeyFob is valid for a specific period, e.g., if a guest has rented a holiday home for 14 days.

At Label Yourself, we produce your KeyFobs based on your preferences or a finished design. This means you can have your KeyFobs designed to perfectly match your brand in terms of colors, quality, and style. Choose the luxury version in leather or keep it simple with a basic KeyFob in plastic. Both options can include your own logo. If desired, we can also customize the back with different colors to distinguish different types of KeyFobs, such as those for employees and guests.

It's important to note that you need to have the necessary locking system to work with cabinets or doors. We offer a wide range of different chips. Just tell us the chip's name or the system you're using, and we'll take care of the rest.
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KeyFob (model 3) with 1 colour logo - FM1108
300 pcs.£ 0.81
500 pcs.£ 0.70
1000 pcs.£ 0.47
2000 pcs.£ 0.41

Start-up expenses £50 per design

Companies, associations and others, please note that all prices are excl. VAT.

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  • We supply KeyFobs with the desired chip: RFID or NFC
  • Use in hotels, bed and breakfasts, Airbnb, vacation homes, and holiday apartments
  • For the workplace or office
  • Functions as an electronic key
  • Unlock by holding the chip close to the reader
  • Use KeyFobs wherever you need to ensure access and keep doors securely closed
  • Avoid a lost key leading to new locks
  • Optional accessories like lanyards, keyrings, etc.

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