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Sustainable RFID-slider

  • Sustainable solution
  • Secure acces control
  • RFID sliders in PET or wood.
Delivered to you: 6-29 May
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Choose your slider in PET or wood

Would you like to have electronic access control and at the same time be environmentally friendly? Then choose RFID or NFC-slides in PET or wood.

Wood is a sustainable solution that is original at the same time as it looks good and supports your company in being sustainable friendly. Of course we can also delivery the sustainable wristbands.

We can also offer cards in "credit card size" in wood or PET.

Here you will find our other RFID solutions.
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Item price:
100 pcs.£ 1.15
500 pcs.£ 0.60
1000 pcs.£ 0.45
5000 pcs.£ 0.40

Set-up cost per layout £50 (one time payment)

Request a quote for large volume orders of RFID/NFC-tags in PET or wood.

Companies, associations and others, please note that all above prices are excl. VAT

We have available different frequencies and types, so please let us know what you need and we will find a solution that suits and covers your needs.

We do not sell the hardware for the scanning, only the RFID wristbands.

What is NFC?

NFC means for "Near Field Communication". You are already familiar with this technology if you use contactless payment cards when, for example, paying with your payment card in supermarkets or just holding the payment card, your smart watch or smartphone up against the payment terminal. More and more mobile phones can be charged wirelessly. In such cases, it is also an NFC chip that ensures that your phone gets charged.

At Label Yourself, our customers used cards with NFC chips for many different purposes. Below, we have provided some examples of how you can use these great environmentally friendly cards with NFC chips:

  • Card with NFC chip to gyms: Here, customers use the card with NFC chip to get access and to pay. This allows the gym to not have to keep cash at hand and the customers can buy a cold bottle of water, energy drink or whatever else is for sale whether the gym is staffed or not.

  • Loyalty cards: Many stores, particular chain stores, have membership/loyalty cards that they offer their customers. With a loyalty card with NFC chip, it is possible for the store to quickly read the customer?s card and offer personalised discounts and benefits.

  • Card for charging stations: Our cards with NFC chips are also used at charging stations for electric cars. Here, the car owners typically have a subscription that is activated when they hold the NFC chip up in front of the charger. The customer might also have signed an agreement that allows him to only pay for what he is charging and have his/her payment card attached to the account.

  • Business cards with NFC chips: A business card with NFC works by holding it up against a mobile phone with an NFC reader. Once the phone has read the card, you can choose to save the contact information on your phone. Most smartphones are equipped with NFC readers.

FAQ for RFID and NFC chips

What can you use an RFID/NFC chip for?

You can use RFID and NFC chips in many different contexts where you, for example, need to control access or count the number of guests.

RFID/NFC for access control:
We provide a lot of solutions to festivals, museums, resorts, etc. where they need secure access control with RFID or NFC chips. This is typically in combination with a wristband that is firmly attached to the wrist. With RFID/NFC, we combine the classic and secure festival wristbands with an even more secure solution using modern technology.

For payment purposes: For payment purposes, a wristband with an RFID/NFC chip can be integrated with the guests? payment cards. This means that customers do not have to use cash.

For registering time: Bicycle races and other fitness events for both amateurs and professionals use a lot of electronic time-registration technology. The electronic time-registration takes place by its individual participant having a chip attached to their shoe or being given a serial number that is registered precisely when the start and finish lines are crossed.

RFID/NFC in key cards/key fobs:
Hotels, private companies, public institutions, associations, fitness centres and many other can benefit a lot from using RFID or NFC technology to unlock doors. With key cards or key fobs, it becomes easy to assign access for a limited period or to deactivate a key if an employee or member should no longer have access.

How do you use RFID/NFC chips?

You use RFID/NFC chips by scanning the RFID chip (the tag). Once the tag is scanned, the scanner receives data from the chip that can be read on a PC/mobile phone. RFID/NFC chips are used for things such as access control to festivals where the chip is the code that gives access to the guest.

Are RFID/NFC chips secure?

Yes! When you choose RFID/NFC technology as part of your security solution for your event, festival or amusement park, you will get a very secure form of access control. RFID/NFC chips are thoroughly tested and used all over the world at countless festivals, museums, fitness centres, amusement parks, water parks, hotels, etc.

When your guests have their wristbands scanned at the entrance, this will be registered. After that, it will not be possible to pass on the wristband to another person outside of the fence and give them access that way. It is also hard to copy an RFID chip. You can also add an extra layer of security but encrypting the data on the chip.


PDF templates:Template PVC slider 26x33 mm
Template PVC slider 30x33 mm
Template PVC slider round 30x30 mm
Template PVC slider ellipse 30x28 mm

.eps templates:
Template PVC slider 26x33mm
Template PVC slider 30x33 mm
Template PVC slider round 30x30 mm
Template PVC slider ellipse 30x28 mm


  • High quality
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Tested qualities
  • Unique products
  • Various frequencies and chips: ICODE SLI, ICODE SLIX, ICODE SLI-S, Mifare Ultralight EV1, Mifare Ultralight, NTAG216, Mifare 1k S50, FM1108, Ntag203, Ntag213, Alien H3(9613), Alien H3(9629), EM4200, TK4100

Cards with RFID chips:

The most popular RFID chips among our customers are the Mifare Classic 1k or Mifare UL C. However, please feel free to ask us if you need another kind of RFID chip that works with your system.

When you want to buy wristband with RFIC chips, you have a lot of options in terms of putting together a unique wristband with an RFID chip. Generally speaking, you can freely choose which type of wristband you would like. Whether it is a classic woven festival wristband, a sustainable wristband made from PET, a silicone wristband or something else entirely, we will help you find the perfect solution for your event. There are also a lot of options in terms of customising the appearance of the card with RFID. The tag itself is often rectangular, but we can easily make it in other shapes as well. You also have ample opportunities to design the tag with a beautiful printed logo. Or how about a sustainable RFID chip made from wood or PET? Several of our RFID wristbands can also have the chip put into the wristband itself.

With an RFID chip, you have the option of reading the chip at a greater distance compared to an NFC. For example, this might be for running events or relay races where you want to measure the participant's time without all participants having to go to a scanner and register their RFID chip. Instead, the chip will be read as the participants run, bike, roll or otherwise pass a mat on the ground. Some decide both to have a mat on the ground to register time at the start and finish lines, as this gives a very precise time measurement for the individual participants.

What is an NFC tag?

The main difference between RFID and NFC tag is that an NFC unit is not just a reader, it is also an NFC tag. When it comes down to it, however, an NFC is also a form of RFID. For example, two mobile phones can exchange data with each other using NFC.

An NFC tag is the little chip that is inserted into our environmentally friendly plastic or wood cards. In principle, an NFC tag can be inserted into all sorts of things ranging from postcards, stickers and much more. The NFC tag does not have an independent energy source. This means that it does not need batteries or any other kind of power. Via magnetic induction, the NFC tags receives energy from the scanner or other devices such as a mobile phone to send data from the NFC tag In order to read the NFC tag, the scanner and NFC tag need to be in close proximity. This is why, for example, NFC tags are used in payment cards - it means that others cannot use your card from a distance. Other forms of RFID do, however, allow data to be read at a distance.

When buying cards with NFC tags from Label Yourself, the cards are produced according to your specifications.

You decide yourself which material the card should be produced in. In addition, you can also pick the colours and decide to have a printed logo or some text added to the card. Most of our customers bu cards with the following kinds of NFC tags: NTAG213, NTAG216 or Mifare UL EV1. Generally speaking, the chip is "blank" when you receive your cards and you will have to code the NFC tag yourself, but if you send us an Excel file with data and tell us which tracks you want the data added to, we can also help you with that.

If you have questions about your NFC tags, you are always welcome to contact us. We have helped many different kinds of customers with various requirements and we are happy to accept whatever challenge you present us with.

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