Label Factory: Design your own labels here

Do you want your labels to be something special? If you want to design your own labels in every detail, then our "Label Factory" is just right for you.

Click on the type of label you want to design and launch the Label Factory.


You can design your own labels in our Label Factory. There are many ways to individualize your labels so that they are absolutely unique.

In Label Factory you can:
  • Choose between different folds on your labels, e.g. as a center fold, without fold etc.
  • Choose the height and width of your labels.
  • Upload your own logo or a label design made in illustrator etc.
  • You can choose the position and size of the logo
  • Select how many colours you would like to have on your labels.
  • Choose from many different Pantone colours.
  • Choose Ultrasonic cutting, which gives a very uniform appearance and makes your labels softer and more comfortable to wear.
  • Select the number of labels you want.

Designtips for Illustrator

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