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Charity wristbands

Draw attention to a cause or event with a charity wristband. We have developed charity wristbands in collaboration with many companies, organisations and clubs.

We are especially proud of our cooperation with Copenhagen Pride, for which we have made a unified solution with the sale of Pride wristbands. Copenhagen Pride has received a ready-made package of wristbands with packaging and sales display. Pre-packaged and ready to set up. The sales display is set up in shops and restaurants and profits go towards supporting human rights and equality.

The Pride wristband is woven, but we sell a wide range of other types of charity wristbands. See our wide range of wristbands below. 

Need to find the right solution for you? Contact us on 020 3455 8270 or We're always ready to help.


  •      Woven quality
  •      Reusable fastening
  •      Special design
Price: From £ 14,750
  •      100% silicone
  •      Available for both children and adults
  •      Can be printed and engraved
Price: From £ 8.25
(5/5 - based on 53 reviews)
  •      Made in your design
  •      Reusable fastening
  •      Get your message out
Price: From £ 160.00
(5/5 - based on 58 reviews)
  •      Great product
  •      Cheap
  •      Cool marketing wristband
Price: From £ 850.00
  •      Imitation leather
  •      Debossed or embossed text
  •      From 500 pcs.
Price: From £ 245.00
(5/5 - based on 78 reviews)
  •      Cool wristbands
  •      Measurements as desired
  •      Several design options
Price: From £ 970.00
  •      Various quality types
  •      Exclusive and durable
  •      Adjustable
Price: From £ 225.00

Charity wristbands

Do you require a charity wristband to support your local football club, association or to deliver a special message? We'll be happy to help you find a solution. Tell us what kind of wristband you want and we'll find a solution that meets your requirements and fits your budget. We can also package the wristbands so they are ready for sale. 

We can design charity wristbands exactly as you want them. Many people associate charity wristbands with the classic silicone wristbands, but there are many other great solutions. The advantage of silicone wristbands is that they are very durable and cheap.

As an alternative to silicone charity wristbands, you might consider:

  • Knotted wristbands: Knotted wristbands are thin and finely woven and it can also be a good idea to print your message on a tag. The tag can be designed according to your wishes. To make it a little different and original, your can implant a RFID chip in the tag, so wearers scan the tag with their smartphone. When the tag is scanned, the wearer can, for example, open a link to your campaign site or get a link to an app. Another cheaper solution could also be a QR code printed on the tag.
  • Fabric wristband with reusable fastening: A comfortable and beautiful wristband to wear around the wrist. The fabric wristband can be made, for example, in tube weave with silkscreen printing. Charity wristbands can help you deliver your message simply and effectively.
  • Plastic merchandise wristband: The plastic wristband is a great wristband that is different to many other forms of charity wristband. With a plastic wristband, you can really play with the details. Use colour shifting or embossing in or out of the material to create bold visual effects.
  • Woven charity wristbands: Would you like a charity wristband similar to classic festival wristbands? We can also fit a reusable fastening, so that the wristband can be taken on and off.
  • Round wristbands: The round festival wristbands are thin and discreet, but still have room for a simple message. 
  • Sustainable charity wristbands: Would you like a wristband that is environmentally-friendly right from its production? Have a look at our sustainable wristbands. These wristbands are often used as festival wristbands with a fixed fastening, but ask about options with a reusable fastening. Among our more environmentally-friendly solutions are wristbands in bamboo, cork, organic cotton, polyester and flax.

We can supply charity wristbands in smaller numbers. You can sell your specially designed wristbands in support of a local school, youth club or a community event.

Not sure about the design of your charity wristband? Let us know your ideas and we'll help you tailor a solution that fits both your message and your budget. We can also help you with sales displays and packaging of your charity wristbands so they are ready for sale.


Fundraising wristbands

When your organisation or association needs to raise some funds, the sale of fundraising wristbands is a great option. They're also a very affordable solution. And you can often sell them at a profit. Some associations and organisations have agreements with supermarket chains and other stores to help with sales. How you sell the wristbands, of course, depends on the size and scope of the organisation. If your fundraising is a local initiative, It may well be that it's only necessary to have agreements with local shops and businesses. 

If you have any questions about charity wristbands, please feel free to contact us. For example we have helped Copenhagen Pride develop a concept with pre-packaged wristbands ready for sale. Contact us or call 020 3455 8270.


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