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Paper wristbands with/without printing - Next day delivery

  • With custom print - we ship today!
  • With or without printing
  • Low cost. From only 10 pcs.
Delivered to you: 25-26 June
Delivery price: £4, FREE delivery over £20

Paper and tyvek wristbands in the best quality on the market

If you are looking for a cheap and very effective paper wristbands for your event, our paper wristbands are a super solution. Paper wristbands are a fine product with quick delivery.

Order your paper wristbands imprinted or plain before 1 pm and we ship today (Mon - Fri).

1. Paper wristbands without print choose "Without imprint" in the dropdown to order.
2. Paper wristbands with text printed order below. Write your own text and choose image.
3. Paper wristbands with logo design paper wristbands with logo here. You can also email us at and let us help you with your order.
(Please note that orders by email might take a bit longer).

Are you looking for a wristband in a different material? Go to our overview of wristbands.

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Delivery time:
Paper wristbands without and with Black print - order before 1 pm on weekdays and we send the same day.

With fullcolour imprint 5-10 workingdays deliverytime.

If you order cheap overruns you will get some wristbands we have made a printing mistake on. All paper wristbands will be the same colour.

For the printing of logos, graphics etc. we make proofs for approval prior to production, but only when placing an order. See prices below and send an email with text, logo etc.

Receive a non-binding offer within 1-2 hours during business hours.

Prices with LOGO printed:
100 pcs.£ 0.40
500 pcs.£ 0.18
1000 pcs.£ 0.11
2000 pcs.£ 0.10
5000 pcs.£ 0.06

Fullcolour print:
100 pcs.£ 0.49
500 pcs.£ 0.26
1000 pcs.£ 0.15
2000 pcs.£ 0.13
5000 pcs.£ 0.10

Delivery time with logo/graphic printed is about 1 week (normally) - for an express fee we can produce paper wristbands from day to day.

Start-up expenses £50 per printing plate (one-off payment) / fullcolour printing £ 100.

Colour change for every 500 paper wristbands with logo is free, not for paper wristbands without printing plate.

Paper-like wristbands are made from Tyvek. They are extremely durable and suitable as control wristbands. Our glue and quality are unique and the best on the market.

There is an adhesive slit, so it is very simple and quick to put on these paper wristbands without tools.


Download pdf templates:
Template tyvek wristband 19mm
Template tyvek wristband 24mm


  • Order from only 10 pcs.
  • Universal in size, so the paper wristbands can be adapted for both children and adults
  • Paper wristbands come with consecutive numbers at no extra charge
  • 20 different standard colours in paper wristbands
  • Available in 12-, 19- and 24-mm width. Standard is 19 mm.
  • Security locking split, so the paper wristbands cannot be interchanged
  • Orders printed with your own design/logo: minimum 100 pcs. For that quantity we print with the colours black, red, white or blue on the base colour of your choice
  • With a "reversed" plate, we can make wristbands with white print on coloured band.

Tyvek wristbands for parties, festivals or summer camps

At Label Yourself, we send paper wristbands to countless events - and for good reason. Paper wristbands are an incredibly versatile type of wristband that is easy to customise with printed text or images. In addition, paper wristbands are a cheap solution that we can deliver to you quickly, both with and without print. In our experience, paper wristbands are used for anything from the smallest of parties to major festivals with thousands of guests. When paper wristbands are used for the major festivals, it is because they are a very secure solution that is hard to cheat.

In the last couple of years, we have found that many people also want to control access to smaller private parties, such as birthdays for children turning 18, bachelor parties, soft drink disco parties, Halloween parties, end of school year parties, wedding, major birthdays and confirmations. With the paper wristbands, the hosts can quickly get an overview of who has an invitation to the party. With festival wristbands, you can prevent uninvited guests or those who have not paid the entry fee to join the party. If your guests will be wearing a wristband for several days, you should consider using our woven wristbands, as paper wristbands are intended for single-use purposes.

The secret behind paper wristbands is Tyvek

Paper wristbands are not made from paper (despite what the name suggests), but the material feels and looks like soft paper if you don?t examine it too closely. The wristbands are actually made from Tyvek. Tyvek is a very durable material that is also used when making coveralls with protective properties. The material is almost impossible to rip in half, but it is very easy to cut with a blade or scissor when the guests want to remove the wristband. The paper wristbands can easily withstand getting wet, and those wearing it can spill beer on them, wash their hands or shower without damaging them. Tyvek wristbands are also used on resorts where it is useful to have an overview of which guests have the all-inclusive package or only the breakfast option, etc.

Design unique paper wristbands made of Tyvek

We always keep paper wristbands without print in stock in a lot of different colours and with stripes. It is no problem for you to mix colours, but please note that we do not mix less than 10 of each colour.
If you would like a more unique solution, you can choose paper wristbands with print. This solution is optimal for those of you who would like a paper wristband with your own text on them but who do not need a logo or a completely unique design. You can design paper wristbands with your own text here on this page. If, on the other hand, you want paper wristbands in a completely different colour or with graphics or a logo, we can also assist you. Just get in touch with our sales team to get started.

How to use paper wristbands

On one end of the paper wristband, there is a perforated pattern and on the reverse there is a small rectangle with glue and a protective film. When the wristband is to be attached to the wrist, just remove the protective film and fold the wristband around the wrist. Once it is sufficiently tight, press the glue against the wristband and now the paper wristband is secured. There needs to be room to stick your index finger between the wrist and wristband - it needs to be tight, but not too tight. Once the paper wristband is correctly attached to the wrist, it will be impossible to pull it out over the hand and share it to someone else without breaking it.

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