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Labels are brilliant when you want to put your name or logo on things. Or just as decoration. The self-adhesive labels and stickers are popular in many situations, e.g. on jars and bottles or as a festive touch on the chocolate for your party. All our labels are wear-resistant and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Most of our labels are also dishwasher safe. 

You can also find name labels to put on your sports gear, such as your golf clubs or bicycle.

  •      Put on your clothes and things
  •      Tolerate washing machine 60°
  •      Approved for close contact with skin
Price: From £ 15.70
  •      Use on your belongings
  •      Various texts and colours
  •      Super durability
Price: From £ 6.50
  •      From only 1 pcs.
  •      Size/shape as required
  •      Cheap
Price: From £ 6.00
  •      Bottle labels in your own design
  •      Labels for wine, beer or juice
  •      From only 5 pcs.
Price: From £ 6.00
  •      Easy and simple
  •      Any size and shape
  •      Design your own
Price: From £ 17.59
  •      From only 50 pcs.
  •      Fast delivery
  •      Great quality and cheap
Price: From £ 12,35
  •      Personalised wrapping
  •      Design your own
  •      Professional look
Price: From £ 10.99
  •      Individual wrapping
  •      Unique to-and-from tags
  •      Design your own
Price: From £ 10.95
  •      Perfect fit for the chocolates
  •      Custom-made decoration
  •      Impress your guests
Price: From £ 14.95
  •      Super quality
  •      Keep track of equipment
  •      Personalised text
Price: From £ 6.60
  •      Cheap
  •      Optional colours and font
  •      Quick delivery
Price: From £ 8,00
  •      Durable quality
  •      Add you own photo
  •      Quick delivery
Price: From £ 21.90
  •      Fast delivery
  •      From few stickers
  •      Cheap

Do you need a customized label? Label Yourself makes it easy to design your own labels. You choose the size, shape, image and text. If you already have a finished design, you can easily upload it here on the website and order your labels.  

If you are looking for textile, leather or metal labels, you will find them here.

Below you can see some of our most popular labels. 

If you need any help finding or designing the perfect labels, please do not hesitate to call us on 020 3455 8270. You can also send us an e-mail on

Labels that can withstand some wear and tear

When you buy labels from Label Yourself, you are guaranteed to get a durable product. Most of our self-adhesive labels have a durable laminated vinyl surface. When you choose a vinyl label, you are guaranteed a label that is dishwasher proof. The labels are also wind and weather resistant. Therefore, you can use them your mailbox, racing bike or tools that are often used outdoors. Moreover, our labels are tested to the EN 71-3 toy standard. This means that your children can use the labels on their toys or lunch boxes – without you having to worry. The labels do not release any harmful substances - not even if you child puts the label in the mouth. 

Labels for every purpose

On this page, we describe the wide range of uses and applications of our labels. If you are looking for labels for something else, do not despair. You can design your own labels in the exact size you need here at Label Yourself. 

Transparent labels for glass storage and spice jars

Do you need labels that can be attached to glass? Then take a look at our clear stickers. When you choose this type of label, you will get a transparent sticker. When you put the transparent sticker on a glass jar, you will nearly only see the text or image you have chosen for your sticker. This adds a really nice touch and at the same time, you can see what is in the jar, e.g. oatmeal, dried herbs and spices, etc.  

Labels for professional use

A lot of companies regularly need labels that show when tools, machines, etc. have last been inspected or approved for use. For that particular purpose, you can use our approval signs. The approval signs allow you to state when the machine in question was last inspected and approved. The approval sign has 24 months on it so you can add a checkmark once approved. You can also state the next date for a machine inspection. It is up to you. The approval signs are made to withstand oil, fat, fuel and frost - so you do not need to worry about the durability of the sign. 

Labels for your home-made juice

Have you been busy in the kitchen making juice, beer, schnapps or wine? When you have bottled our tasty beverages, it is always a hit to put a nice label on the bottle. You can design your own bottle labels by using our online designer tool - but of course, you are also free to upload a design you have made yourself. Our templates are perfect on most standard bottles and you can choose if you want to use the templates in the oval or square version. 

Labels for your personal gift wrapping

Are you a huge fan of wrapping gifts? Or are you the owner of a shop where you take pride in wrapping the products beautifully? With our stickers for wrapping, you can easily design your stickers in any way you want. Choose between many beautiful backgrounds. Write your text - and select a font that matches your brand and personality. Stickers for wrapping are easy to write on if you want to state who the present is for.

Labels for sports gear

Sports gear is often expensive, and most people want to take good care of their gear. It is extremely frustrating to lose a golf club on the green because you forgot it. A golf label is a small label on which you can write your name, address and telephone number. With your personal information clearly displayed, it just makes it so much easier for people in the golf club to find you.

We cannot guarantee that someone will not steal your bike, but if your name is clearly marked on it, it makes things more difficult for the thief. Our bicycle IDs are particularly popular among triathletes who have to have their name on the bicycle when participating in various competitions. We have put together a package containing various bicycle IDs so that you have labels for your bicycle, helmet and other equipment. The labels are obviously wind and mud resistant. 

Have enough space for your entire family - on the mailbox

It is a legal requirement to have your name on your mailbox. With a self-adhesive label, it is easy to have enough space for your entire family. As a minimum, you need to have your last name on your mailbox. However, it is a good idea to include the initial letters or first names of all members of the family. The text on the mailbox must not wear off. If you choose a mailbox label, you will not have to worry about that. 

Hygiene and keep a safe distance stickers

Whether you need stickers to remind people to maintain good personal hygiene or if you need to ask customers to keep a safe distance, you can find what you need here. The hygiene stickers are water resistant and can easily be placed next to a sink without getting worn out.

FAQ for labels

How do you remove labels from glass surfaces?

When you want to remove labels from glass surfaces, you can try to loosen up the label with a nail and then pull it off the bottle or glass surface. If this does not work, you can use a glass scraper.

Some types of labels an also be dissolved by putting them in a dishwashing tub with very hot water, and then the sticker can be washed off and any remnants can be scraped off.

Before ordering labels for glass surfaces, you should consider which type of label you choose. Our bottle labels have a matt surface and use a different kind of glue than our vinyl labels. If you select the bottle labels, you will get labels that are easy to remove again once the bottle or container is empty.

How are labels made?

At Label Yourself, we have many years of expertise in making labels.

You design your own labels at Label Yourself. Then we take care of the rest! Once you have clicked the ‘buy’ button, the labels are sent directly to our printer. This means that no employees will be sitting and looking at your designs. Once the production team is ready, they will start printing. Initially, the labels are printed on a high-quality print. Then the labels are laminated with vinyl. Vinyl makes the labels durable and protect the print against UV light, water, oil and a long list of chemicals.

How do you get labels off a jam jar?

Glass jam jars, pickle jars, herring jars or gherkin jars, etc are great for recycling and using for your own fermented delicacies, cookies or candy and they can also be used as candleholders. There are many options, but a glass jam jar with glue fragments or an old label is not that exciting. Therefore, here you can find some of the best tips for removing labels from glass jam jars.

Soak the glass jam jar in water
Fill a dishwashing tub with warm water and let the jam jar soak in the water, ideally overnight. You can also add a few drops of dishwashing liquid to the water. Others recommend using baking soda, which is more basic and powerful compared to dishwashing liquid. Many labels will be dissolved in the water and there will just be a few remnants of glue left. The final remnants of glue can be removed with a glass scraper or a sponge/dishwashing brush. If using a glass scraper or thoroughly scrubbing the glass does not work, you can try using cleaning benzine, petroleum or cooking oil. 

How to remove labels made by Label Yourself 
If you have bought bottle labels from Label Yourself, you can just pull them off the glass. The labels are not made from paper, and you can therefore pull the entire label off and reuse the glass without having annoying glue residue on them.

What are labels?

A label is a small bit of paper or a small note that is glued or otherwise fastened on a container in order to describe the contents or describe who has made it (by, for example, writing one’s name on the label). A label can also be used to identify who owns something. For example, if you put a name label on your bicycle helmet. You can also use labels on glass surfaces, bottles or boxes to remind yourself or family/colleagues what is in the container.

Labels are also used for corporate branding purposes. After all, few people are unaware of whether they are buying a Coca Cola or a Pepsi - the name is on the bottle or can.

How do you use labels?

It is easy to use the self-adhesive labels from Label Yourself. Generally speaking, the labels are always provided on a sheet unless otherwise is stated or has been agreed upon. When you need to use a label, just carefully remove it from the sheet. You can loosen it with a nail, for example, but try to avoid getting the label stuck to your finger as far as possible. After removing the label from the sheet, you can attach wherever you want.

You will get the best results if the surface you are attaching the label to is clean and dry. If you need to, then brush or wipe away dry dust, dirt or whatever else shouldn’t be there. If the surface is very dirty, it may be a good idea to wash it before applying the label. For example, use a glass cleaner or cleaning alcohol if the surface can take it.

What can labels be used for?

Labels with a self-adhesive reverse side can be used for all sorts of things. Below, we have listed just a small number of examples of what labels can be used for, but we know that our customers use them for many other purposes too.

Mailbox labels:
It is easy to get a name added to the mailbox with our mailbox labels. These are high-quality labels, so you do not have to worry about them losing their lustre from sunshine or rain.

Bottle labels:
Do you make your own wine or juice? Then put bottle labels on the bottles filled with your delicious beverages.

Approval signs:
Approval signs are used in a lot of places where there is a need for ongoing and visible controls of, for example, production equipment, elevators, fire-fighting equipment and much more.

Labels for your golf kit or bicycle equipment:
Misplacing your sports gear can be expensive if it is not returned to you. However, with a small and discrete label on the golf club or bicycle helmet, it makes it easy for people to find you if you lose your property.
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