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Woven name labels with your text

  • Make your clothing unique
  • 10, 14 or 25 mm. wide
Delivered to you: 31 May-5 June
Delivery price: £4, FREE delivery over £20

Sew in name labels in clothes and homemade creations

If you want to give your creations an extra touch of luxury, then our sew in woven name labels help to provide that finishing touch. The woven name labels are made from soft polyester and can be manufactured in the style of your choice.

You can design the woven name labels, so you get your name or text in a beautiful and unique way.

Woven name labels are also a nice way to put the name in children's clothes. This way any lost clothes return to you.

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Price £ (Including VAT)

Add woven name labels to your creative projects

With woven name labels, it is easy and cheap to make fabric labels for your creative projects. Regardless of whether you sew, knit, quilt or crochet, it is an amazing feeling to be able to label the completed work. With a woven name on your creations, it is like putting your business card on your project - particularly if you are giving clothes, handbags or other accessories to your friends and family, as it will remind them of who spent hours working on those gifts in the hobby room.

New designers or creative types who sell their creations on a hobby level often choose woven name labels as an alternative to our professional woven fabric labels if they need to keep costs down. We can keep prices low on our woven name labels because we have a fixed selection of colours, fonts and figures that we can weave on to the woven name labels. You choose a combination of colours and a font and decide whether you want one or more figures on the woven name.

You can decide for yourself what you want written on the woven name label
Some want their name labels, initials or titles on the woven name, whereas others prefer to write "Made by...", "Created by...", "Knitted by grandma" or texts such as "This took forever" and "Upcycled with Love". Others want their Instagram name labels or other aliases that they go by on display so that their customers can easily find them again. The woven name labels are delivered in a form that allows you to cut and fold them just the way you like them.

Select the colour of the text and background on your woven name labels

If you want woven name labels in different colours but do not need a lot of them, you can choose one of our great mixed packages that have woven name labels in a mix of great colours. Another good solution for those of you who want variety in your woven name labels is to sew them on to a nice piece of excess fabric before sewing them on to the completed project. This ends up looking really great.

You can do whatever you like, basically, and there are plenty of options when it comes to getting a personalised woven name. If you have a logo that you want to add to the woven name, you should take a look at Woven name labels with logo.

The money will quickly be recouped, when you get back clothes, which otherwise might disappear.

When you use woven name labels on your creations, potential customers will see them. This way your woven name label will generate new customers - again a quick way to recoup your money.

Click here, to find inspiration for design, images and colours. These are combinations and fonts which others have chosen. You can also make your own gift ribbons with woven text, in the same good quality as the name tapes.

Create your own individual woven name label with name.

It is a good idea to put your phonenumber on the woven name labels. Should an article of clothing dissapear (maybe with your child in!), you can easily get it back.

STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® 1003008 centexbel.


  • The text is centred
  • Woven name labels are made from 100% soft polyester.
  • 3 'spaces' are equivalent to 10 mm on average.
  • Tested, and can withstand a 90º wash, also with iron-on reverse side.
  • The width of the sew in name labels is either 10, 14 or 25 mm, and the length depends on the number of characters and the font you choose.
  • For gold or silver we use lurex yarn, which makes the tape more rigid. We always deliver approx.10% more woven name labels, when choosing gold or silver, because there will be a few woven name labels with errors in the weave. So you are certain to receive the number of woven name labels you paid for, and maybe a few more.
  • On each side of the text we weave an extra 15 mm for folding
  • No smudging
  • STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. A guarantee that the woven name labels do not contain any harmful substances
  • We also produce woven name labels with iron-on reverse side. But if you prefer iron-on, we certainly recommend our ironing brands, which are incredibly durable and easy to use.
  • Produced in Europe.
  • About 80% of the yarns are recycled polyester.

Use the woven name labels however you like

Woven name labels are often made in such a way that each end of the ribbon is bent in under itself so that you cannot see the ends where the ribbon has been cut. However, we also often see woven name labels that are bent so that they can be used as straps on, for example, dishtowels, towels, etc. Please note, however, that woven name labels have a little dashed line between each piece of text to show you where to cut. If you want the woven name labels without this dashed line, you can order gift ribbons.

Woven name labels that are environmentally friendly

The textile industry is responsible for a lot of the world's pollution, and therefore we are proud that 80% of the yarn that we use to weave woven name labels is from recycled polyester. In time, we hope to use 100% recycled polyester.

Customer reviews:
Angela, Livingston

I ordered some woven labels to add a finishing touch to some of my craft projects. Was surprised at how easy process was compared to some other organisations offering same facility. I was delighted when my order arrived, within timescale and carefully packaged. Labels are exactly what I wanted - colour, text and overall quality is excellent. Will definitely order again. Best Regards, Angela

Sharon, Swansea, UK

Really lovely, excellent quality name labels for my daughter's clothes as she starts school. I chose the script font in white on a navy background and it looks really lovely. I'm delighted with them. As they came from abroad (Denmark) they took a little longer to arrive than other labels might have - (although only a week or so, really not too long!) - but they were definitely worth waiting for. Thank you.

Wren, Preston, Lan..

Excellent Communication. Excellent Value for Money Excellent Quality Fast Delivery


Hi, and thank you for your comment
Very glad to hear you are happy with the whole process.
You are welcome to contact us again.
Best regards, Vera

Summer, Bradford

We ordered some woven clothing tags for our new Business and what a surprise we got. Not only were they delivered in time but the quality is fantastic. We will be ordering a higher volume in the near future along with the other tags we will need as our business grows Thanks very much for you splendid efforts

Katrin, Feuchtwangen

I bought woven name labels with iron-on backside. They deliverey was within a week. It´s my second order. The quality is equally well. It meets my expectations and requirements. Thanks a lot.

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