Plastic wristbands with your own design
Plastic wristbands with your own design

Plastic wristbands with your own design

  • Exclusive wristbands
  • Multicolour printing possible
  • Fastens without tools
Delivery time: 5 - 10 working days
Delivery price: Cost of shipping by weight

Vinyl and plastic wristbands with or without print

If you need plastic wristbands, which fasten quickly, our exclusive plastic wristbands are a good solution.

They fasten without tools, so they are very easy to put on.

They are available with or without printing and are available in different types.

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Item prices with one colour logoprint:
100 pcs.£ 1.00
250 pcs.£ 0.50
500 pcs.£ 0.26
1000 pcs.£ 0.20
5000 pcs.£ 0.14

For an express fee we can make plastic wristbands within a week.

Start up expenses £50 per design (one-off payment)

Colour change for every 500 plastic wristbands is free.

Companies, associations and others, please note that all prices are excl. VAT.

Our vinyl and plastic wristbands are a sure hit for those events, where wristbands need to be fastened quickly.

Item prices without print:
100 pcs.£ 0.30
500 pcs.£ 0.26
1000 pcs.£ 0.18
2000 pcs.£ 0.16
5000 pcs.£ 0.12


  • Exclusive and safe solution with customer's design
  • 20 different background colours
  • Hook and eye fastening, which breaks under load
  • Available with consecutive numbers
  • Minimum 100 pcs. from stock
  • Minimum 500 pcs. in your own design

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