Iron-on name labels with your name
Iron-on name labels with your name
Iron-on name labels with your name
Iron-on name labels with your name

Iron-on name labels with your name

  • Can be used on ALL clothes
  • Ironed on in 10 secs.
  • Best on the market
Delivery time: 3 - 7 working days
Delivery price: FREE delivery over £50

Use iron-on name labels - no sewing needed

If you are looking for an easy, cheap and durable solution, then our iron-on name labels are the best labelling solution. They are quick and easy to iron on.

Once you put your personalised text on your iron-on name labels, you are helping children, parents and educators with their busy days, since they can easily see to whom the clothes belong.

If you choose to put an image on the iron-on name labels, even children can help find their clothes, since even at an early age they can recognise images.

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Label belongings you do not want to lose.

The price of our iron-on labels is very low, and you soon make your money back, when you get back clothes, which might otherwise disappear.

It is a good thing also to state your phone number on the iron-on name labels, so that clothes easily can find their way back - maybe even with your child wearing them!

  • Tested and comply with toy safety standard EN 71-3.
  • These easy iron-on name labels are suitable for washing at 90º and for tumble drying.
  • Our iron-on name labels are always 30 x 10 mm.
  • If you choose an image, the text size will be reduced.
  • The more characters, the smaller the text. We always make text maximum, based on what is selected.
  • All text is centred. Max. 2 x 25 characters.
  • Iron-on name labels are suitable for labelling all kinds of clothing: e.g. jackets, hats, gloves, sweaters, trousers, boots, rainwear etc.
  • Soft material, which does not irritate the skin.
  • Phthalate- and PVC-free.
  • Instructions included.
  • Our iron-on name labels do not come off after washing.
  • If you pass on or sell children's clothes, you can neutralise the labels by ironing a new one (upside down) on top or steaming them away. It is not easy to steam them, as our iron-on labels last. They must be peeled off, while they are hot.

5/5 - based on 2 reviews
Customer reviews:
David, Warrington

I will highly recommend this company. The labels arrived quickly and the quality of the print on the labels is excellent. As I had custom labels made I was concerned the images would be suitable, they were excellent !!! Thank you for a great service and ive just placed an order for more !!!!

Doris, stockholm

the order came a bit late but I must say that when I have contacted them to complain about the delay , the response was immediate and really nice and pleasant. And I am totally happy with my order and will definitely purchase again !


Hi Doris.
Many thanks for your comment :-) 
I am really happy you have had a pleasant experience dealing with our customer service. We are making an effort to have a great costumer service, so happy you are pleased. You are always welcome back :-) Best regards Jane

Mark, York, UK

Would thoroughly recommend. Have bought these labels on 2 occasions now, and am impressed with how easy they are to attach and also how resilient they are. We have not had any labels work loose, even those which we attached 3 years ago!!!

Mo, St. Peter, J..

Hello, I was initially concerned that the items I ordered might take a while to arrive, however, I was pleasantly surprised and the clothes stamp and the labels were both very effective. Thank you.

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