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Iron-on name labels with your name

  • Can be used on ALL clothes
  • Ironed on in 10 secs.
  • Best on the market
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Use iron-on name labels - no sewing needed

If you are looking for an easy, cheap and durable solution, then our iron-on name labels are the best labelling solution. They are quick and easy to iron on.

Once you put your personalised text on your iron-on name labels, you are helping children, parents and educators with their busy days, since they can easily see to whom the clothes belong.

If you choose to put an image on the iron-on name labels, even children can help find their clothes, since even at an early age they can recognise images.

Iron-on patches for clothing to patch up holes or to simply decorate? Find them here

See other types of name labels for clothes here. See how you iron on the labels in this video.
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If you are looking for woven labels with iron-on glue, please take a look at our woven name labels.

NOTE! Always make sure that the clothes/textiles you want to put iron-on labels on can withstand ironing. This is usually indicated in the washing instructions, where the manufacturer recommends the temperature (number of dots) for ironing.

Use iron on name labels on stuff you do not want to lose

The price of our iron-on labels is very low, and you soon make your money back, when you get back clothes, which might otherwise disappear.

It is a good thing also to state your phone number on the iron-on name labels, so that clothes easily can find their way back - maybe even with your child wearing them!

Iron-on labels for use in institutions and workplaces

Iron-on labels are extremely useful in places where clothes are washed and mixed up together. For example, at institutions and workplaces. A lot of residential institutions for adults make frequent use of the iron-on labels and for good reason. The iron-on labels on clothes and bed linen make it easy to sort the various items and ensure that they go to the right places. At workplaces that have requirements for a certain type of workwear, it is also nice to have your ?own? clothes. With an iron-on label attached to the clothes, it is easy to recognise your own workwear even when colleagues are wearing the exact same outfit.

You can decide for yourself what text you want on your iron-on label, so if it makes more sense to have a room number, ID number, etc. on it rather than a name, that is easy to do.

How to tell if the iron-on label is firmly attached

In order to get the best experience with your iron-on labels, it is VERY important that they are ironed on to the clothing correctly. If the iron-on labels are not ironed on with sufficient heat or if not enough time is spent ironing them on, they may fall off again. When ironing, pay attention to how much heat the clothes can take without being damaged. The goal is heat up the iron-on label as much as possible without damaging the clothes. Ideally, you should be able to see that the iron-on label has slightly melted into the clothes and that you can feel the texture of the clothes through the iron-on label. You should of course always be careful about not leaving the iron on for too long. If the label has not gotten enough heat, simply iron it again.

When ironing the label on to the clothes, you should always put a piece of baking paper between the iron-on label and the iron.

Design iron-on labels with your own image

If you would like to, for example, add a picture of your child to the iron-on labels, that is easy to do. To get the best results, use a bright photo. You should crop the photo as closely as possible so that it is only the most important part that is shown, for example, the face rather than the whole body. Under figures or backgrounds you can use the upload button to upload your own image.

FAQ for iron-on name labels

What are iron-on name labels?

Iron-on name labels are very thin labels designed to iron on to clothes and textiles. Iron-on name labels are made from a soft plastic material without using PVC or phthalates. The iron-on name labels are printed with text, logos or images. When ironing iron-on name labels to textiles, they melt easily into the fabric creating a good result.

You order the iron-on name labels online. Here you can write the text you want and specify the layout, size and number of units.

Iron-on name labels are both used to label clothes and as decoration.

Iron-on name labels:
For labelling purposes, our standard iron-on labels in the 30x13mm size are the most popular. A lot of customers use these to write their names, initials or some other identifier. Most customers who buy this type of iron-on name label choose to iron it into the fabric so that they are not visible when the clothes are worn.

The iron-on name labels also look great if you need a decoration or a corporate logo on clothes, purses or other textiles.

What can iron-on name labels be used for?

You can use iron-on name labels to write names on clothes or as decoration on clothes or other textiles.

For many years, iron-on name labels have been popular among families with children who need to label their children's clothes with names. However, you can also use iron-on name labels for many other purposes. Iron-on labels with own logo are particularly popular among companies who want to add their logo to corporate outfits such as dress shirts, t-shirts, pants, aprons, etc. In addition, iron-on name labels are also used as decorations on tote bags and other textile products.

How do I use iron-on name labels?

We recommend that you use iron-on name labels to label all clothes that leave the house. This will mean that there is a great chance of them getting returned if they are lost.

Instructions for iron-on name labels:
  1. Put the clothes that you want to iron the iron-on name label laid out flat on an ironing board.
  2. Place the iron-on name label front side up in the location that you want to iron it on to - for example, in the inside of the collar of a shirt.
  3. Place a piece off baking paper on top of the label (we send ironing paper with the order for iron-on name labels).
  4. Set the iron to high heat with no steam.
  5. Iron on top of the paper for 10-15 seconds.
  6. The label will then melt into the clothes.
Our iron-on name labels are made in a quality that means that they are still soft after having been ironed on to the clothes. The labels can withstand a hot wash in the washing machine and can be put into the dryer as well. They are generally very durable.

How do you attach iron-on name labels to clothes?

It is easy to attach iron-on name labels to clothes. The only thing you need is an iron and baking paper.

Before you start, it is a good idea to check which temperature the piece of clothing can withstand being ironed at. If you know that the piece of clothing can withstand a certain heat setting, then just use that on the iron. While the iron is warming up, put the iron-on name label where you want it to be. Now, put a piece of baking paper over the iron-on name label (baking paper is always included with your order when you order from Label Yourself). Once the iron is hot, press it down against the iron-on name label and iron it for 5-10 seconds. It is fine to lift the iron and check how things are looking and then ironing it again.

The iron-on name label is properly attached to the piece of clothing when you can see a hint of the textile?s structure through the label. If the label is too loose, you can add more heat and iron for a bit longer. Please be careful not to burn clothes or the label. It is better to take small breaks rather than risk ruining the piece of clothing.

How does one remove iron-on name labels from clothes?

Iron-on name labels are designed to be really well-attached to the clothes. Therefore, it may be slightly challenging to get them off again, but with a bit of patience, it is entirely possible.

In order to remove iron-on name labels, you need to get out the iron again - and this time you need to use the steam function. A clothes steamer is also a good tool for this. Set the iron to activate the steam function. Hold the iron over the iron-on name label so that plenty of steam reaches the label that you want to remove. Try to avoid having the iron touch the iron-on name label, as this may cause the label to melt on to the iron.

The steam will slowly but surely loosen the iron-on name label from the fabric. You can also speed things along by loosening it up a bit with your fingers as you go along. However, please be careful not to burn yourself, and do not pull too much on the label as then you risk leaving remnants of it on the piece of clothing.

If steaming the iron-on name label does not loosen it sufficiently, you can also iron a new iron-on name label on top of the old one that you no longer want.

Iron-on name labels or transfer labels - what is the difference?

Iron-on name labels or transfer labels? Are you unsure about whether you should choose an iron-on name label or a transfer label when you need to add a name, logo or some other illustration to clothes and textiles?

Transfer labels:
Transfer labels are printed in a serigraphy style (silkscreen printing and one colour at a time) on release paper. They are printed in reverse on the paper and flipped to the correct side when heated. You can either print the transfer labels on to the textiles or use a heat press/transfer press. When selecting transfer labels, you will get labels where you only get the text you want. In other words, there is no ?filler? around the letters or your logo.

Iron-on name labels:
An iron-on name label is printed digitally on foil that has been prepared with meltable glue. Iron-on name labels will always have a "background" - they will not be completely cut free like the transfer labels. You can choose the shape of the iron-on name label yourself, such as square, oval or kiss-cut. If you choose a kiss-cut iron-on name label, the edge will be cut based on your text/illustration. Iron-on name labels with coloured print can withstand a wash of up to 60 degrees Celsius. It is somewhat cheaper getting iron-on name labels with own logo than it is with transfer labels.



  • Tested and comply with toy safety standard EN 71-3.
  • These easy iron-on name labels are suitable for washing at 60º and for tumble drying.
  • If you choose an image, the text size will be reduced.
  • The more characters, the smaller the text. We always make text maximum, based on what is selected.
  • Iron-on name labels are suitable for labelling all kinds of clothing: e.g. jackets, hats, gloves, sweaters, trousers etc.
  • Soft material, which does not irritate the skin.
  • Phthalate- and PVC-free.
  • Instructions included.
  • Our iron-on name labels do not come off after washing.
  • If you pass on or sell children's clothes, you can neutralise the labels by ironing a new one (upside down) on top or steaming them away. It is not easy to steam them, as our iron-on labels last. They must be peeled off, while they are hot.

Customer reviews:
David, Warrington

I will highly recommend this company. The labels arrived quickly and the quality of the print on the labels is excellent. As I had custom labels made I was concerned the images would be suitable, they were excellent !!! Thank you for a great service and ive just placed an order for more !!!!

Doris, stockholm

the order came a bit late but I must say that when I have contacted them to complain about the delay , the response was immediate and really nice and pleasant. And I am totally happy with my order and will definitely purchase again !


Hi Doris.
Many thanks for your comment :-) 
I am really happy you have had a pleasant experience dealing with our customer service. We are making an effort to have a great costumer service, so happy you are pleased. You are always welcome back :-) Best regards Jane

Mark, York, UK

Would thoroughly recommend. Have bought these labels on 2 occasions now, and am impressed with how easy they are to attach and also how resilient they are. We have not had any labels work loose, even those which we attached 3 years ago!!!

Mo, St. Peter, J..

Hello, I was initially concerned that the items I ordered might take a while to arrive, however, I was pleasantly surprised and the clothes stamp and the labels were both very effective. Thank you.

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