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Tickets in stock!

If you are looking for an easy and cheap way to manage your cloakroom, we have the solution.

We have a standard range of queuing tickets, coat tickets, coat check tickets and cloakroom tickets in stock for immediate delivery. We can make coat check tickets with logo or reusable cloakroom labels in your own design so they match your requirements exactly.

  •      In stock
  •      1,000 tickets on a roll
  •      Consecutive numbers
Price: From £ 15.00
  •      In stock
  •      With consecutive numbers
  •      5 colours available
Price: From £ 30.50
  •      Buy from 1 roll
  •      With forthcoming numbers
  •      No cash floating around
Price: From £ 23.90
  •      Avoid cheating and confusion
  •      Cheaper in the long run
  •      Credit card quality
Price: From £ 165.00
  •      Extra number for the bag
  •      With consecutive numbers
  •      In stock
Price: From £ 22.90
  •      Cheapest
  •      5 languages = 1 ticket
  •      In stock - we send today
Price: From £ 17.00

Single-use coat check tickets and labels

We have a broad selection of disposable coat check tickets in inventory which can be sent from one day to the next. All of the coat check tickets can also be made with your logo and text on them and can be delivered within 1-2 weeks. We also offer rolls of entry tickets and waiting in line tickets. The coat check tickets are popular in restaurants, cafés, concert venues and for private events where there is a need to keep track of the guests’ coats and jackets.

Reusable coat check tickets

If you need a unique and permanent solution for coat check tickets, we have developed a reusable coat check ticket in credit card quality where you determine the design, size, colours, etc. This is a great way of standing apart from the crowd and to avoid having the ticket numbers mixed up with those from other venues.

Ensure that your guests have a good experience using coat check tickets

With coat check tickets, it becomes easy for you to help your guests keep track of their coats and jackets, handbags or other loose items. This ensures a good experience for them, as guests can feel confident about leaving their coat in the cloakroom. When the jacket no longer has to be carried or put on the chair, guests feel liberated and are better able to focus on enjoying your event. And perhaps the guests might even stick around a bit longer just because they cannot just grab their jacket and go. At the same time, as event organisers you will not have to see all those jackets hanging on chairs and maybe lying on the ground as the evening progresses. Some choose to have a free cloakroom service as part of the entry package. Others choose to use the cloakroom to generate additional revenue, selling coat check numbers for a small fee. You can choose whatever works best for your particular circumstances. Do the guests want to pay for a cloakroom service or would they prefer spending their money at the bar?

Avoid chaotic scenes in the cloakroom with coat check tickets

When the guests want to go home, they should have a good experience when they go to the cloakroom and quickly get their coat or jacket returned to them. To make it faster and easier to serve many guests at once, it is a good idea to divide your cloakroom into sections. It is easy to divide cloakroom into smaller sections by buying different colours of coat check tickets. At Label Yourself, we always stock coat check tickets in different colours. You can therefore order on all weekdays before 2 p.m. and have your coat check tickets already by the day after. You are also welcome to stop by our office in Ikast if you need coat check tickets immediately. When using the coat check tickets with a cloakroom that is being monitored, the risk of theft is minimised compared to an unmonitored cloakroom. If a guest finds that his or her coat has been stolen or otherwise loses it, this is a very unfortunate situation - and as organisers, the best thing you can do to prevent this is to have a staffed cloakroom.

Coat check numbers with your logo

If you are continually using coat check numbers, it can pay off to buy them in bulk. If you buy more than 60,000 units, we will print your logo on the coat check numbers for free. Particularly in night life environments, it can be a great advantage to have your logo on your coat check numbers so that it becomes easy to help a guest who might not remember where his/her jacket or coat was put in the cloakroom. You can also get a logo on the reusable coat check numbers. The disadvantage of reusable coat check numbers is that sometimes numbers get lost. If a guest loses a paper number, there is no cost involved.

Coat check numbers: 2-piece or 3-piece - which one should you pick?

Whether you should pick a 2-piece or 3-piece coat check number will typically depend on what your guests need to store. If the guests have both coats/jackets and a large purse, umbrella or anything else that takes up a lot of space, it may be smart to pick the triple coat check numbers. You could also use different colours for the items that might not fit on a normal coat hanger. You can also choose to use the triple coat check numbers for couples who would like to store their coats or jackets using the same number.

We also have waiting in line tickets, food tickets, entry tickets and drink voucher tickets in our inventory

Besides coat check numbers, we also have entry tickets, drink voucher tickets, food tickets and waiting in line tickets sin our inventory.

ID Cards

We produce printed ID cards as well, including barcodes, space for writing, and whatever else you might find on a standard credit card. These cards can be used for all sorts of purposes, for instance as membership cards, season tickets, discount cards, reusable cloakroom labels etc. We supply PALS cards to a great number of Danish schools that use this particular educational method. Our cards are uniquely durable and long lasting. We’ll gladly print these cards in your school’s design, and we’re happy to assist you in setting this up.

Send us a request, and we’ll find the solution that’s just right for you.

FAQ for coat check numbers

What are the advantages from using reusable coat check numbers?

There are several advantages from using reusable coat check numbers. The most important advantages are listed below:

You avoid people cheating or items being handed to the wrong people. With the reusable coat check numbers, it is hard to cheat your way to a jacket that belongs to someone else. A lot of places use paper coat check numbers that might look similar at a quick glance and therefore it is not always easy for the staff to see if the ticket number is from another venue. With the reusable coat check numbers, however, it is quick and easy to spot whether this was issued by your venue.

How do you use coat check tickets?

Coat check tickets are used at concert venues, discos, conference centres and a lot of other places. With coat check numbers, it becomes easy to take good care of the guests’ coats, jackets, purses, etc. The coat check tickets are designed to always have two identical numbers on them (it is also possible to buy 3-piece tickets). One number is handed to the guest and the other number is attached to the item that needs storing, for example, a jacket on a coat hanger.

When buying coat check tickets from Label Yourself, they will be delivered on a roll. The numbers are always in a consecutive order and the two numbers that match are right next to each other.

You can also buy 3-piece coat check numbers if the guests often store more than one item in the cloakroom. For example, if they store both a jacket and purse or umbrella.

What can the coat check numbers be used for?

Coat check numbers are typically used at events and gatherings. When guests arrive, they can hand in their coats (and umbrellas, purses, etc.) to the cloakroom. Here there will typically be staff who accept the clothing and hang it on coat hangers. The coat hanger and jacket then have the coat check numbers attached to them. The owner of the jacket gets an identical number, matching the one on the jacket.

When the guest comes to retrieve his/her jacket, he or she will show the coat check number that was issued when storing it. This makes it easy for the staff to find the jacket - they just have to match up the numbers.

Why should I choose a language when buying coat check tickets?

When buying our single-use coat check tickets, there are two different kinds. You can choose the cheapest solution which is in 5 languages. These have the same text written in Danish, English, German, Swedish and Finnish. The advantage of the 5-language coat check tickets is that they are easy for tourists to read and understand.

Who uses coat check numbers?

At Label Yourself, we sell coat check numbers for many different kinds of events and gatherings. It is our experience that all types of both large and small events benefit from coat check numbers. For example, coat check numbers are used in:
  • Museums
  • Restaurants, bars, discos and cafés
  • Musical establishment, concert venues and theatres
  • A great many cultural events
  • Hotels and conference centres
  • Trade shows
  • Private parties, such as in schools or universities
  • Corporate parties
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