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RFID wristband, access control with RFID and RFID card in your own design

See the extensive selection of several different RFID wristbands, cards, and tags.

You have numerous options for customising your RFID wristbands to suit your needs perfectly.

Choose between woven wristbands, silicone wristbands, wristbands made from recyclable PET or digitally printed wristbands. You also have the option of choosing different solutions for the RFID chip itself. For example, you can choose between tags with a hard or a soft plastic plate, or have the chip woven into the wristband.

See the below selection

Thin knotted wristband with round RFID tag
  •      Great looking RFID wristband
  •      Secure access control
  •      Can replace keys and cash
  •      Delivery time: 7 - 21 working days
Price: From £ 260
Cheap plastic cards with RFID or NFC tags - buy them here
  •      From only 100 pcs.
  •      Can be delivered with your design
  •      All chips
  •      Delivery time: 7 - 21 working days
Price: From £ 185
RFID wood accesscard
  •      Print or engraving
  •      Different types of wood
  •      Unique access card
  •      Delivery time: 11 - 15 working days
Price: From £ 335.00
Silicon wristbands with RFID tag
  •      Wireless access control
  •      Different frequencies available
  •      Silicon wriustband in your design
  •      Delivery time: 7 - 21 working days
Price: From £ 235
Sustainable wristbands with RFID-chip
  •      Sustainable PET wristbands
  •      Various frequencies
  •      Replace keys and cash
  •      Delivery time: Ships today
    Delivery time
    Goods are in stock, so if you order on weekdays before 2 pm then we ship the same day. When your order is packed and shipped we will send you a confirmation e-mail.
Price: From £ 224.00
Festival wristbands with RFID and soft PVC slider
  •      Wireless access control
  •      Replacement for keys and cash
  •      Woven or printed wristband
  •      Delivery time: 7 - 21 working days
Price: From £ 210
Festival wristbands with RFID and hard PVC slider
  •      Hard PVC slider
  •      Wireless access
  •      Woven or printed wristband
  •      Delivery time: 7 - 21 working days
Price: From £ 215
Digitally printed RFID wristbands with plastic slider
  •      Custom-made wristband
  •      Electronic access control
  •      Nice quality
  •      Delivery time: 7 - 21 working days
Price: From £ 215
Woven wristband with interwoven RFID tag
  •      Easy access control
  •      Invisible RFID tag
  •      Comfortable to wear
  •      Delivery time: 7 - 21 working days
Price: From £ 260
Elastic RFID wristbands
  •      Can be used again and again
  •      Wristband with invisible RFID tag.
  •      Electronic access control
  •      Delivery time: 7 - 21 working days
Price: From £ 220
Tyvek wristband with RFID tag
  •      From 500 pcs.
  •      Wireless access control
  •      Wristbands in your design
  •      Delivery time: 7 - 21 working days
Price: From £ 525
Vinyl wristband with RFID tag
  •      Hygienic solution when handling food
  •      Can replace keys and cash
  •      Electronic control of employees
  •      Delivery time: 7 - 21 working days
Price: From £ 260
Sustainable wodden or pet slider with RFID or NFC tag
  •      Sustainable solution
  •      Secure acces control
  •      RFID sliders in PET or wood.
  •      Delivery time: 7 - 21 working days
Price: From £ 165.00

RFID wristbands

Customise your RFID wristband for your company or event. Choose whether the wristbands are for onetime use, for example, woven wristbands with RFID; or whether you need, for example, silicone wristbands that have to be used over and over again, for example at a swimming pool.

RFID tags, etc.

When you choose RFID tags, you have the option of choosing environmentally friendly tags made from wood or PET. The beautiful wooden tags give your wristband an attractive and beautiful appearance that your customers will undoubtedly appreciate. You can also choose tags made from recycled PET if you want an environmentally friendly solution.

RFID cards

Do you need RFID cards as access cards for your employees or as cafeteria cards? Then take a look at our RFID cards. You have lots of options for designing the cards to fit your company’s needs perfectly, both in terms of design and functionality. We can deliver your plastic cards printed with your logo/design, pictures, consecutive numbers, serial numbering - and we can, of course, print on both sides of the card.

You are most welcome to send us an inquiry and we will find the right solution for you. Get in touch with us by phone 020 3455 8270 or by e-mail at info@labelyourself.co.uk

We customise your RFID wristbands, tags and access cards to fit your exact wishes. We carry many different frequencies and designs. Thoroughly tested qualities.