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Custom printed workwear

  • Affordable solution
  • Small amounts
  • Perfect for smaller businesses
Delivery time: 11 - 15 working days
Delivery price: £4, FREE delivery over £20

Add names to workwear, easily and affordably

Add names to the workwear and avoid that the clothing is mixed up in the locker room or when the clothes are washed. You can also choose to print the company name on the shirt, so that the workwear functions as branding when employees represent your company.

You will iron the names directly onto the clothing yourselves, using a regular iron. You therefore choose precisely where on the clothing you would like the name/company name. A name on the workwear makes it easier for your clients to recognise the employee that the client has previously engaged with. It makes it easier for all parties to resolve any follow up questions.

When you put the company logo and/or name on the company clothing, the workwear is tax deductible and the employee will not be taxed.

Here you will find our full range of name tags.

If you would like your company logo on the workwear, you can choose to use iron-on labels with own logo. Iron-on labels can be kiss-cut to precisely the contours of your logo.
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When choosing our solution, you have more options to choose the right type of workwear for you, both in terms of functionality and fit, because you are free to purchase the workwear best suited to your purposes.



  • Print names on workwear, easily and affordably
  • The labels can be ironed on to any piece of clothing that can withstand heat from an iron.
  • A hot wash program can reduce the lifespan of these labels, so if the clothing must be regularly washed in a hot wash cycle, we recommend our iron-on labels.
  • The labels are the same high quality that you will typically be familiar with from a printed T-shirt in the shops.
  • You decide the placement of the labels on the clothing. 5 mm corresponds approximately to a font size of 18 in MS Word. 10 mm corresponds approximately to a font size of 40 in MS Word. 50 mm corresponds to a font size of 212 in MS Word.
  • The labels for print on workwear are suitable for most types of clothing such as jackets, sweaters, trousers, shirt collar, etc.
  • Choose between four colours: Black, white, blue and red.
  • You can purchase a pack with both black and white (50/50).
  • Instructions are included with the order.

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For 34 dage siden
Good quality labels
Good quality labels, easy to apply & received in the quoted timeframe.
John King
For 35 dage siden
Whole process was EXCELLENT
Whole process was EXCELLENT … able to get large FONT on labels as..
For 48 dage siden
1st class service
1st class service
For 73 dage siden
Outstanding service and Product
Outstanding service and finished product. Exceeded my expectations and..
James Lowe
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