Stickers with reflex - design them yourself online
Stickers with reflex - design them yourself online
Stickers with reflex - design them yourself online
Stickers with reflex - design them yourself online

Stickers with reflex - design them yourself online

  • From only 10 pcs
  • Size and shape as you wish
  • Fast delivery
Delivery time: 3 - 7 working days
Delivery price: FREE delivery over £50

For indoor and outdoor use in top quality!

Reflex stickers is a great product for the dark season. Put them on your children, and everything you want to be seen in the dark.

Stickers with refex are very visible, and also work as name labels.

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  • Reflex stickers with your logo, picture or text from only 10 pcs. - great price.
  • We make stickers with reflex with printing for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Size and shape as you wish.
  • Use them on the vinter boot, school bag etc.
  • Rounded corners without extra cost.
  • Minimum size 10mm and maximum A4.

If you need to tag your products to be seen in the darkness, like your clothes, bags, bicycle, machine etc., then our reflex stickers is the perfect product for you, and at a very good price.

Design them online yourself, and get the best price - or contact us at info@ikastetiket.dk and let us help you.

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