SAVE 25% on this pack

SAVE 25% on this pack

  • 100 iron-on labels
  • 100 address stickers
  • 1 fabric pen
Delivery time: 3 - 10 working days
Delivery price: £ 2.95
Price: From £ 22.35

Iron-on labels, address stickers and fabric pen

We love a great bargain - don't you?

We have put together a pack with various items for marking up your belongings, where you save 25%.

This pack includes 100 iron-on labels, 100 address stickers and a fabric pen. The purchase of this pack covers all your mark-up requirements.

In this pack, the address stickers only come with black print on a white background.

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Iron-on name labels
Address stickers
Price (include VAT) £

Facts about save 25% on this pack

  • All text is centred. Max. 2 x 25 characters on both iron-on labels and address stickers.
  • If you choose an image or many characters, the text is significantly smaller.

We have put together this pack, because several of our customers requested a pack, which could cover all their mark-up requirements.

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