Newlan lanyards in nylon quality

  • Fine woven quality
  • Long durability
  • Good advertising value
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Tightly woven lanyards with your own logo

If you are looking for elegant lanyards, these could be the model for you.

Newlan lanyards come in a very tightly woven quality, which improves the finish.

Newlan lanyards are made of nylon and not the usual polyester. This makes them shinier and softer than traditional lanyards and key hangers.

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Item price :
100 pcs.£ 2.55
500 pcs.£ 1.25
1000 pcs.£ 0.99
2500 pcs.£ 0.75

Start-up expenses £50 per design (one-off payment)

Companies, associations and others, please note that all prices are excl. VAT.

We make the Newlan lanyards from scratch and can therefore make them exactly as you want. You decide on the width of the band, the colour of the key hanger, the print and the accessories,such as buckle, snap hook, plastic pocket, mobile string etc.

You can also get the them with a safety pin in the neck, to prevent choking. This is a good idea, if the Newlan lanyards are to be used by children or when working with machines etc.


  • Newlan lanyards are a very tightly woven quality
  • The weaving is very fine.
  • Elegant solution
  • Nylon and not polyester
  • Standard measurements: 20 x 900 mm, but we can make them with the measurements you require

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