Label your sportswear
Label your sportswear

Label your sportswear

  • Personal detail
  • Spectator knows who to cheer on
  • Very easy to iron on
Delivery time: 7 - 21 working days
Delivery price: FREE delivery over £50

Label all your sportswear for running, biking, gymnastics etc.

Label your sportswear making it more personal and make sure it doesn´t edn up in the box for lost items.

Each pack includes 80 pcs. transfers/labels with your name/text. You will receive 10 big ones max 270 x 40 mm. + 10 medium max 150 x 22 mm. + 10 small max 100 x 17 mm. (to be ironed on the left chest for example) + 50 very small max 50 x 5 mm. (to iron on the interior of all your sportswear).
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  • There is no background. You only receive the letters or text you have ordered ready to iron on. It is very easy.
  • Choose white for dark materials and black for light materials. You can also choose the mixed pack in which you receive half the labels in white and the other half in black.
  • User-guide is provided.
  • We can also offer big letters or text with reflex effect. Not available in small letters or text.

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