Paper ID wristbands
Paper ID wristbands

Paper ID wristbands

  • Find your child quickly
  • Provides peace of mind
  • Write with ordinary biro
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ID wristbands - Get back together as quickly as possible!.

ID wristbands guarantee rapid reunion of parents and children, should an accident happen when you are out and about.

To avoid this, you can give your child an ID wristband on with your mobile number etc. That way, other people can quickly help your lost child.
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  • Write with an ordinary biro
  • Eg. mobile number, name, address, illnesses and other useful information on the ID wristbands.
  • Practical and smart
  • Pre-printed with international text, so the wristbands can also be used abroad
  • Water-resistant
  • Cannot be reused, but can be used on consecutive days
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Practical and smart ID wristbands, when going on holiday trips, camping, to an amusement park, children's festival, shopping or other places, where children often run around alone and can lose contact with their parents.

Paper ID wristbands are with a white background, as you can see on the small picture below the picture of the little girl.

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