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Advanced sticker designer for vinyl stickers

Delivered to you: 29 May-3 June
Delivery price: £4, FREE delivery over £20
Here you can design your vinyl stickers as you wish.

Choose size, quantaty, shape and upload your own design or choose one of ours. Insert and move images, logo and text until you get the desired result. Watch the video to learn how to use the advanced designer.
Width in mm.
Height in mm.




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Layers & background

Custom stickers. Order your custom stickers here!

Stickers can be used in so many situations and on a lot of different surfaces. In the designer above you can design your own custom stickers. Define the size of your custom stickers in the the fields "Width" and "Height". Please be aware that the sizes are in milimetres when you design you custom stickers.

You also have to remember to choose the quantity of your custom stickers. You can order from one piece - but please note that you often can have more custom stickers at the same price as one. When you change the quantity of your custom stickers the price will change as well.

When you are designing the custom stickers, you have multiple options of creating the stickers.

If you click at "Upload image" you can either upload your own logo, picture or graphic by clicking at the upload-button . You can also click at "choose" above the picture-icon to choose one of our many icons for your custom stickers. If you choose "Text" you can write your own text directly in the editor.

Clicking at "Background" you can choose to define a background colour or uploading a background from your device. The eyedropper tool is great if you want to use a colour that has been already been used in your design.
Otherwise you can write a hex colour code or find a colour that you like.

The button "Shape" makes it possible to define if your stickers should be either round or sqaure or kiss cut stickers.

Please ask us if you have any questions for you custom stickers.
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