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Our data protection policy

- We respect your privacy and do not pass on information to others

- Labelyourself.co.uk has a straightforward policy regarding the processing of your data

Labelyourself.co.uk is anxious to prevent any misuse of your information, while providing our customers with the best possible service.

  • Labelyourself.co.uk does not pass on data to a third party
  • Labelyourself.co.uk does not pass on information from a third party to our customers
  • At any time you can request to be removed from any mailing lists or to be removed completely from Labelyourself.co.uk databases. All you need to do is send an email or contact us in another way. Personal information will be stored until we receive a communication requesting that it be removed.
  • At any time you can ask for whatever information Labelyourself.co.uk may have about you and you can raise objections, in accordance with the law for personal data protection.

If you have any questions or comments concerning Labelyourself.co.uk’s information policy, you are welcome to send us an email.

We respect our customers’ and our visitors’ right to privacy. We regard the issue as a serious one and have laid down many guidelines, to ensure that our customers’ privacy is not violated. Below you can read what we have done to live up to our customers’ own demands.

What information does Labelyourself.co.uk collect? 
Labelyourself.co.uk collects and stores your personal information, either when you buy something from us or when you sign up to receive our newsletter. We register your name, address and email address. We store this information so we can expedite your order as quickly as possible.

On the Labelyourself.co.uk website our statistics can process information regarding what particular areas have been visited. This data is not collected for the individual user. Nor do we pass on information to a third party. What we do is to use data concerning navigation by all our users to understand how our users, overall, use Labelyourself.co.uk and we try, with the use of the information, to improve our website. We cannot see where you come from or where you surf on the Internet.
We collect information concerning which of our products our customers, as a group, prefer. This information is used to improve our website. We can use information concerning your purchase to send you good offers, unless you have not signed up for this service. We will not sell or in any other way pass on information concerning your purchase to a third party.

Does Labelyourself.co.uk share information with others?
At Labelyourself.co.uk the information you share with us is both personal and confidential. We do not rent or sell your name, email, address, credit card information or any other kind of information about you to others. The only exception is data that must by law be handed over.

How does Labelyourself.co.uk protect my information?
We have taken various steps to protect your information. Your personal information is located in secure networks and can be read only by employees with special rights.

How does Labelyourself.co.uk use my email address?
Your email address is used to be able to identify you within the system. We also use your email address to write to you concerning your purchase or any competitions you have taken part in. In addition, you get the opportunity to receive our (maximum) monthly newsletter. If you wish to subscribe or unsubscribe, just send us an email on info@labelyourself.co.uk. You can also unsubscribe by answering any email from Labelyourself.co.uk with UNSUBSCRIBE FROM NEWSLETTER as the email’s subject.

Your approval
By using the Labelyourself.co.uk website, you permit us to collect the information we have described on this page. If in the future we make any changes to our information policy, they will be written on this page.

Tell us what you think
If you have questions or comments, you are very welcome to write to us on info@labelyourself.co.uk.